INCOMPETENCE: Veterans Affairs Video Celebrating Canadian WW2 Victory Shows Nazi Soldiers Instead Of Canadians

How does such a brutal and obvious mistake even get made?

In another example of government incompetence, Veterans Affairs managed to fail in the simple task of celebrating the 74th Anniversary of Victory In Europe Day.

The government tweeted out a video that included Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay.

However, the video had a massive error in it. It showed Nazi soldiers, not Canadians.

A screenshot can be viewed below:

Veterans Affairs Video Fail

It appears that the video – which has now been deleted – may not even show any Canadian troops at all.

Stunningly, some of the soldiers depicted in the video have clear Nazi insignia on their uniforms.

This is an appalling level of incompetence.

Things like this are why so many Canadians have no faith in the government. After all, if they can’t even get something like a video right, then why should we trust them do anything else?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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D Met

Honestly! How the Hell can someone screw this up. Are millennials so far removed from history that they can’t tell the difference between a German & Canadian soldier? Unbelievable!


My Uncle Charlie was one of the soldiers fighting in that war! I’ll bet Trudeau’s father didn’t have the courage to fight beside him!

Allan Wood

If my math is correct it is not 74 years but 75 . D-day at Normandy was June 6, 1944. How stupid can they be talking and paying tribute to Canadian Veterans with German Nazi Germans marching in the video. My deceased father and grandfather both veterans of WWI and WWII would be highly impressed!


What do you expect from an airhead who knows nothing about the military or wars.


They are doing this on purpose to attach Canadians to nazism. They are desperate to bring in their globalist order so they have to erase canadian history. Although everyone has been flooding in to Canada, they are trying to convince the world it is a nazi state and that the immigrants are the cure. They moved to be with us and now are told we are German and socialists. It is insane.


total incompetance from our government. An insult to every veteran.

Ken (Kulak)

Actually the soldiers depicted are German Luftwaffe (Air Force) soldiers, possibly paratroopers, with winged insignia. Nazi soldiers (Waffen SS) had SS runes on their tunic collars. Maybe this is picking fly dirt out of pepper, but not all German military branches were “Nazi”.

Furthermore, I think I have seen this clip before, and it is part of a longer film showing German forces surrendering in Holland at the end of the war.

In any case, whoever put this video together got it wrong.

David Henley

What makes you think that it was a mistake. This government does not respect this country or its military. Showing the nazi is showing who they believe in. No mistake here. Just another hit against the Canadian people.