The Trudeau Government Couldn’t Even Get A Simple World War II Video Right. What Makes Them Think They Can ‘Save The Planet’ Or Change The Weather?

If you can’t get the little things right, the big things won’t go well either.

The Trudeau government likes to tell Canadians that they have the power to ‘save the planet,’ and change the weather.

Their solution for those issues of course isn’t anythign innovative at all. It’s another tax, a carbon tax that makes everything more expensive and hurts the Canadian People.

And when we look at how incompetent the government truly is, it’s no surprise that their only idea is to take more money.

As we recently saw, the Trudeau government shared a video commemorating the 74th Anniversary of Victory In Europe Day.

However, in a pathetic display of incompetence, the video showed images of Nazi soldiers – not Canadians.

This of course raises the following question:

If the Trudeau government can’t even get a WW2 video right, then what makes them think they can ‘save the planet’ or change the weather?

After all, if you can’t get the little things right, you won’t be able to get the big things right either.

For advocates of limited government like myself, this is why it’s so important for the government to be limited in scope and focused on a few core functions. And it’s why there must always be suspicion of any grand plan or ‘scheme’ pushed by politicians.

Veterans Affairs exists to help Veterans, yet it has failed miserably over and over again. They can’t even get a video right – and it should have been the easiest thing in the world to differentiate between German troops and Canadian troops.

And yet the federal government expects us to believe that they have the power to reshape the entire environment of planet by taking more money out of the pockets of Canadians.

Not a chance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ripper Oakley

Ask Mr. Dress Up where China is. What a moron.

George Bacon

idiots, a bunch of frikin idiots! Elect a clown and we get a Circus.


Morons digging a deeper hole for themselves


I guess they are still trying to make us believe in our countries new re written history, after all they call us “despised white colonials”, – “Nazi’s”, just another lefty/righty radical destructive slur. These insulting divisive lying puppet politicians must be voted out. Vote centrist, vote Conservative the only (“NOT” radical UN’s one world), and keep our own country centrist and undivided government left in Canada, at present.


Pierre rode through Mont Royal on a motorcycle wearing a Nazi helmet.
Insulting Canadian Veterans and our military is a Liberal tradition.
Is this really a mistake or just another sentence in the Liberal narrative?

Phil Alexander

The Liberals care not a bit for our military history and if they can’t erase it, will try to demean it at every opportunity.