Cowardly Trudeau Skips QP Again To Avoid Questions About Admiral Norman

Gutless PM.

Justin Trudeau had no problem talking about the case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman in the past.

In fact, Trudeau was talking about how Norman was going to be charged even before any charges were issued (so much for the ‘independent’ justice system).

But now that the case against Norman has been stayed, and now that Trudeau and the Liberals are facing serious questions about why they tried to destroy Norman, Trudeau doesn’t have much to say.

And he’s doing what he usually does when the going gets tough – acting like a gutless coward.

Trudeau is skipping Question Period again, after avoiding it ever since the case against Norman was brought to a close.

Trudeau doesn’t have the guts to be accountable and answer questions, and he’s just hoping it will all somehow go away by the time he returns to QP.

If he skips QP this week, and considering that QP is out next week, he’s seeking to avoid accountability possibly all the way until the end of the month.

For someone who once promised the ‘most open and transparent’ government ever, it’s quite a disgrace, and yet another example of how Trudeau is a cowardly, dishonest, and pathetic ‘leader.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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