Kenney To Axe Carbon Tax By End Of Month

Also considering court challenge.

The Alberta Carbon Tax will be eliminated by May 30th says Premier Jason Kenney.

The new government is introducing a bill to get rid of the tax as soon as the legislature begins the new session.

Kenney had promised during the campaign that his first move would be to get rid of the deeply unpopular carbon tax.

Kenney says Alberta is considering a court challenge to the federal carbon tax, but will first review the decision in Saskatchewan as well as assess the challenge to the tax being put forth by the Ontario government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Lets just hope October election will be for the Conservatives who have promised to stop this business collapsing, job loosing, heating and driving costs way up never mind the millions and billions of cost to the provinces to heat hospitals, prisons, municipal buildings, police, fire and ambulances etc., so all our other taxes need to be upped for these extra costs so the money supposedly returned, does not even begin to cover this ever rising tax invasion and more debt? I really hope Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick win these court battles in the end so Alberta does not have… Read more »


If Kenney can’t deliver the goods, the Alberta/Western Separatist movement will be back.