SCAM: ‘Independent’ Trudeau-Appointed Senator Spent $15K Taxpayer Dollars On Liberal Poll

Just like everything else in this government, Trudeau’s ‘independent’ Senate is a total sham.

Justin Trudeau claimed that his appointments to the Canadian Senate would be ‘independent’ and ‘non-partisan.’

But, like every Trudeau claim, it turned out to be a lie.

Instead, Trudeau is appointing Senators who will do his bidding, while hiding it under the guise of ‘independent’ appointments.

The latest example is Senator Donna Dasko.

She was appointed by Trudeau as an ‘independent’ Senator.

Yet, it turns out she charged Canadian taxpayers $15K for a poll on what people thought about Trudeau’s supposedly ‘independent’ senate appointments.

The poll was to be used to help the Liberals justify their Senate ‘changes,’ ahead of an upcoming election.

So much for independence.

It reveals yet another Trudeau scam, and is why I say again and again that nothing he says can be trusted.

And beyond that, it also appears to violate the rules of the Senate, as pointed out by Conservative Senator Denise Batters in the video below:

With the Trudeau government, the fraud and deceit appears to be endless.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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peter black

It’s so interesting that President Trump is accused of blatant lying by many of my Canadian friends bot lo and behold Trudope is probably an even bigger lyer right here in Canada. This is pathetic how the MSM just covers everything up and we have to rely on Spencer and Millenial Press to tell us what is going on in our own country. The entire Trudeau agenda is a big lie and a fraud of gigantic proportions. He and Butts have set it up to implement Environmental Communism with brainwashed helpers like the insane McKenna.