VIDEO: Scheer Slams Trudeau’s Foreign Policy Failures

From the India trip, to the China-controlled Infrastructure Bank, there’s a long list of how Trudeau has failed and embarrassed Canada.

Following his foreign policy speech, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has released a video where he slams Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy failures.

Scheer’s foreign policy speech was the first of a set of planned speeches where he will outline his vision for Canada ahead of the upcoming Federal Election.

It seems Scheer is attempting to strike a balance between criticism (and there is lots to criticize) and presenting his own ideas.

In the video, Scheer both focuses on Trudeau’s failures, and outlines the steps he would take to strengthen our policy towards China.

You can view Scheer’s video below:

“This week, I laid out my vision for how I will make Canada stronger in a turbulent world. Here are some of the many examples of Justin Trudeau’s mistakes on the world stage and why Canada needs a new approach.”

Scheer is on the right track, as Trudeau’s policy towards China has been pathetically weak, and has put Canadians at serious risk. Our nation needs toughness, realism, and a willingness to stand up for our national interests.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Beverley Campbell

But what are YOUR plans, that’s what people want to know, people do not know you, people who vote do not know you, you must put forward a plan, a plan that you can then stick to, for hell’s sakes I have tried every which way to tell you this. The average JOE does not know you8.