As Trudeau & McKenna Push Climate Fear-Mongering, Ontario Liberal MPs Secretly Rate Environment As Just 7th Most Important Issue

If even Liberal MPs aren’t buying into Justin Trudeau’s messaging, why should the rest of us.

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna continue to push desperate climate fear-mongering, trying to make Canadians think that our nation will be destroyed if we don’t support the carbon tax.

Yet, it turns out that many Liberal MPs aren’t even buying the rhetoric from their own government.

According to a document leaked to CBC, “A ranked list of Ontario Liberal caucus priorities for the 2019 platform places personal financial security issues first, with environmental concerns relegated to seventh place. The 45-page document sheds light on how the federal Liberals might campaign in one of the toughest electoral battlegrounds in the country.”

The report additionally notes that, “While it might be surprising to see the environment ranked so low on a Liberal election proposal — given how much time and political capital Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invested in defending his decision to introduce a carbon tax — the issue may not be connecting with Ontario voters. Premier Doug Ford and his Ontario Progressive Conservative party won a significant majority mandate last June after promising to repeal Ontario’s cap and trade program and campaigning generally against a federal carbon tax.”

If even CBC is having to admit this, then you can imagine how bad the carbon tax is selling on the ground.

This also is further evidence – as many have long been saying – that the carbon tax and the rhetoric surrounding it is a scam.

If the fate of our nation was truly at risk, then government MPs would obviously rate ‘climate’ as the top issue. After all, lives are supposedly at stake, right?

But, because it’s a scam, and because it’s desperate fear-mongering, when MPs aren’t in front of the cameras and when they share their real views, they realize that financial issues are paramount.

Of course, that means that all those Liberal MPs are lying everytime they repeat the rhetoric being pushed by McKenna and Trudeau, since they know better yet keep repeating the dishonest rhetoric anyway.

Those liars must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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