BREAKING NEWS: York Regional Police Arrest Father & Son For Possession Of Explosive Materials & Detonator

Reza Mohammadiasl and Mahyar Mohammadiasl face charges.

The York Regional Police have arrested Mahyar Mohammadiasl and Reza Mohammadiasl of Richmond Hill.

Mahyar is 18 years old, and Reza is 47 years old. They are father and son.

The two men are charged with possessing an explosive device.

Authorities found explosive devices and a detonator at their Richmond Hill residence.

Here’s what the York Regional Police said in a press release:

“York Regional Police has laid charges against two men after hazardous, explosive materials were located at a residence in the City of Richmond Hill.

On Thursday, May 9, 2019, York Regional Police began an investigation after receiving information regarding a suspect who was investigated by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

On Friday, May 10, York Regional Police executed a search warrant at a residence on Larratt Lane and located a quantity of hazardous, explosive materials as well as a detonator device.

Officers with the Ontario Provincial Police and the York Regional Police Explosives Detection Unit attended the residence to ensure the safe removal of the materials. The hazardous materials have been removed and neighbours who were evacuated as a precaution, have been allowed back to their residences.”

At this point, authorities are investigating the possible motive.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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Hmm…I’m going out on a limb and saying Jihad is the motivation.

Big Priest'

Why am I not at all surprised by this new development

Dave Allsopp

Maybe you’ve read about the last 1,400 years of Islamic history? Could that be it? You seem overly wise…that’s…islamophobic… *wink*


“York police are investigating their motives”. Seems they want to blow something up! There goes the neighbourhood!


Trudeau will feel sorry for them and give them 10 million and keep them here.


Funny(NOT) I was just reading the “top news stories” before looking at your column – not one mention of this, this is not so far from me, so I went back and looked at the news again, still could not find this?? news mentioned. Thank you Spencer once again, unfortunately this whole area is LIEberal/NDP/green and of course the news will have to get their spin on it first, but Toronto Sun usually gets the news out there.


Add on I found it on 1010 radio wow no where else yet- but I wanted to also thank the USA again for protecting Canada, again just like the Kingston case we did not know about till the USA told us – and we still do not know what really happened there either, thank you Spencer.

Roger Shelswell

Well, there you go. Keep bringing the rats into our country and we will soon be living in fear like they are in Europe


The authorities are investigating the possible motive? I’m sure they weren’t keeping it to use as fireworks for Victoria Day.

alan skelhorne

electric shock should help in finding out what the motives were.

Dave Allsopp

Don Cherry style…


Don’t forget that Diversity is our Strength! ( according to Trudeau )

Big Priest'

Wait, what? You mean that the Republic once again, has to keep Canada safe? AND, the CBC actually swallowed their provincialism, and reported some actual truth? Border agents tipped off police “York Regional Police said the investigation began last Thursday when they received information about a person being investigated by the United States Customs and Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency”. Yet, Ralph Goodale continues to lie through his teeth, to the entire country. “Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the arrests and charges are a local matter that concerns York police and there is no known connection… Read more »

Dave Allsopp

Keep up the good work Spencer Fernando!
You are now a leader in actual news reporting across Canada.