BILL C-48: Trudeau’s Tanker Ban Bill Defeated In Senate Committee

Senate Transport Committee vote ties at 6-6, leading to recommendation that the full Senate NOT proceed with the Tanker Ban.

Justin Trudeau’s Tanker Ban Bill C-48 – which discriminates against the Western Canadian oil industry by banning oil tankers on much of the West Coast while not banning oil tankers carrying foreign oil to the East Coast – has been blocked in a Senate Committee.

The Senate Transport Committee – the committee tasked with studying the legislation – voted 6-6 on whether to move forward with the legislation.

The tie is tantamount to rejecting the bill move forward, and the committee will issue a recommendation that the government not go forward with the legislation.

Many praised the rejection of the terrible bill:

“Very pleased that the Senate Transport Committee has voted to defeat the Trudeau Tanker Ban Bill C-48. This is a victory for common sense & economic growth. Thank-you to Senators for listening to Albertans & respecting fairness in our federation!”

“Bill #C48 has been defeated. The Senate Committee of Transport and Communications recommends that this Bill not proceed. A step forward in the fight to develop Canada’s resources.”

“Excellent news out of Ottawa. Senate committee, including @Paulatics, has rejected tanker ban of Alberta crude off northwest B.C. coast. Major blow to repulsive and discriminatory Bill C-48 that would have hammered Alberta and First Nations.”

The tanker ban is not officially dead, as the full Senate could still vote for it, and it could be amended and brought back for further votes.

While it would be outrageous for the Senate to reject the recommendation of a Committee – especially considering the massive backlash that the destructive Bill C-48 has caused – nothing can be certain yet.

This is a step towards defeating the terrible legislation, but it is not definitively dead yet.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube