Trudeau Carbon Tax Causes Gas Price Spike, Inflation Surge

Not a big surprise, a new tax on everything makes everything more expensive.

The inflation rate rose to 2.0% in April, with a notable spike in gas prices in the provinces where Trudeau’s carbon tax has been implemented.

As noted in a CP report, “Gas prices rose month-to-month in April in all provinces. Excluding gasoline, the inflation rate rose 2.3 per cent compared to a year earlier. The report said the six provinces where carbon levies were introduced or increased in April saw a larger month-over-month rise in prices at the pump.”

Here is clear direct evidence that – as we all knew would happen – the carbon tax is making life more expensive at a time when Canada already has an affordability crisis.

Household debt continues to rise (already at world-record levels), bankruptcies are nearing their highest rate of increase since the global financial crisis, and the increase in the inflation rate (which is likely much higher than what the government is claiming) and the rise in gas prices is going to make everything worse.

Canadians simply can’t afford the cost of the destructive carbon tax.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Interesting !!!

Thomas Tass

The Liberal Party plan is working perfectly.

Eleanor Merkus

Trudy does not give a care whether we are near bankruptcy or not. He wants our money however he can get it. Could Oct be tomorrow?

old white guy

Inflation rose by 2.3%. That would mean actual inflation, not the governments bogus number, actually stands at about 6 %. Carry on folks, keep voting liberal socialist, sooner or later you will be freezing and starving in the dark.