Trudeau Government To Reveal ‘State Approved’ Media For $600 MILLION Bailout

A disturbing step towards the further corruption of the elitist establishment press.

The Trudeau government will soon reveal the ‘state approved’ media that will be eligible for the dangerous $600 MILLION taxpayer-funded bailout.

According to Blackrocks Reporter, “Federal agencies will publish an A-list of newspapers and websites deemed reliable under a multi-million dollar subsidy program, the Department of Finance yesterday told the Senate national finance committee. Subsidies to federally-approved news media invite government meddling in a free press, cautioned one senator.”

And if there was any doubt that the government is directly controlling this process, “An unnamed cabinet-appointed group will decide which media qualify for subsidies. “The government will decide whether or not to change certain criteria,” said Maude Lavoie, Finance Canada director general of business tax programs.”

So, partisan cabinet members of the Liberal Party will decide which media is ‘approved’ and gets a bunch of tax dollars.

That is deeply disturbing.

The establishment media is already biased, and imagine how much more biased it will be when it feels that survival depends on repeating the government propaganda line in order to qualify for bailout money.

As a result of this, the corruption of the establishment media will accelerate, and it will be tougher and tougher for Canadians to find the truth amid the sea of corrupt government lies.

That’s why websites that remain independent of government control like are so important, and why we need to stand together against Trudeau’s media bailout by supporting independent Canadian voices.

Spencer Fernando

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Do you think The Rebel will get a cheque?

Diane DiFlorio

I look forward to seeing that list as I know I will NO LONGER have faith in any of those named.
What a tragedy for truth and democracy and even worse, a government so desperate to control the narrative.


This fear mongering, communist, post national state UN run, NON Canadian, fraudulent pretend puppet government is traitorously destroying our country. This just proves our freedom, and freedom of speech is also being taken away from Canadians and our huge LIEberal created debt is paying for it. I can’t be anymore disgusted with these LIEberals/ndp/greens lying invasion on Canada and those who support this one world corruption and greed.
Let us get our Canada back, seems like we only have one FOR Canada REAL DEMOCRATIC party left, unite and VOTE CONSERVATIVE before it is too late for our country.


This is right up there with Trudeau demanding organizations check the box to agree with his belief in unrestricted abortion clinics on every corner or they would be banned from Federal funds. As usual, he deliberately ignores the fact it isn’t his money.


Why doesn’t Trudeau finish the job and breakup Canada into “States”?

Thomas Tass

The Liberal Party is a totally corrupt gang that is not even trying hide its criminal politics. Watch how many Liberal media goons line up at the trough to get the dough. October may not come soon enough as the country is clearly sliding towards a socialist dictatorship .


After all the Liberal scandals ,waste ,corruption and incompetence , this whole idea is still shocking.
This is our own PRAVDA Canada !

Bob Richards

Freedom of the press is dead. Government control has arrived.
I am cancelling all subscriptions to media that applies for any of the money.
I hope others join me!

George in Lotus Land

And the Leni Reifenstahl award goes to:…….

Moe S.

I’m really peeved off! Who the hell is Trudeau’s government to eliminate and limit our choices of what we can read. Once these media outlets receive their corporate government welfare cheque they will effectively censor our democratic right to hear and read opposing views, opinions, and facts. The armchair reporters and political operatives who receive this government money will NEVER again write about anything important enough to suppress. WE MUST NOT SURRENDER OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT WE CAN HEAR OR READ.

shawn harris

And this media bailout by Trudeau, is one of the means and methods communists and dictators use to maintain power. The control of information by the state, is a means to control the public, while demonizing opponents. In Trudeau’s quest for eternal power, he will sacrifice anything and everyone , and the truth and an unbiased, independent media, wil be his first target, to maintain power. Canada’s freedom, democracy and soverignty shouldn’t be sacrificed upon the altar of Trudeau. He has to be stopped, no matter high the cost to Canadians.

Eleanor Merkus

Absolutely right. That is corruption at its finest. When the government controls the news media we are close, very close to communism. In Canada? You say? Yup with that little potato at the helm. Shame on him.

russ browne

The arrogance of Trudeau is unbelievable, he is a dictator at heart and is dangerous. “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” Thomas Jefferson


What is the difference with Trudeau buying off the media for favorable coverage to the President of Israel doing the same thing and he is being charged?