Jagmeet Singh Has Betrayed The NDP’s Legacy Of Supporting Workers

Increasingly, the Conservatives are the only party that actually supports Canadian labour by supporting development of Canada’s natural resources and the jobs that come with that.

There was a time when the NDP supported the development of Canada’s natural resources, including Canadian oil.

That support was largely due to the incredible amount of labour jobs created by the energy industry, and the fact that those jobs often paid very well, giving Canadian labourers a high standard of living.

But that’s not the NDP anymore.

For a long time, the NDP has been shifting away from their traditional support of energy and infrastructure development jobs, towards an anti-development, anti-industry stance that is horrible for workers. It’s part of an overall long-term shift of the NDP away from supporting labourers, and instead focusing on government bureaucrats – who are often paid much more than most Canadians.

That shift could be seen under the Alberta NDP, who massively expanded the government bureaucracy while imposing policies that were devastating for labourers.

But now, Jagmeet Singh has definitively completed the NDP’s betrayal of Canadian labourers.

With his withdrawal of support for the massive LNG project in BC, and with his pledge to completely wipe out the Canadian oil industry (saying Canada can’t rely on oil “at all” going forward), he has fully betrayed Canadian workers.

And now, he’s facing a backlash.

Even the Toronto Star noted that “Union leaders in British Columbia say they are bewildered and disappointed that federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh dialed back his support for natural gas projects that are expected to create thousands of jobs in the province.”

“It hurts. There’s really no other way to explain it,” said Mark Olsen, president of the Local 1611 chapter of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, which expects 1,500 jobs for its members.

“We have the provincial NDP in B.C. supportive, and all of a sudden it appears we don’t have the federal NDP supportive,” Olsen told the Star by phone Wednesday.

“We’re not happy about it at all.”

The problem for provincial NDP parties is that they are all directly linked to the Federal NDP. In fact, there is only one actual NDP Party. So, Jagmeet Singh is not only the head of the Federal NDP, but he’s also technically the leader that provincial NDP members owe their allegiance too.

Yet when it comes to leadership, it seems that Svend Robinson – a far-left anti-Canadian energy politician – seems to be the real leader of the NDP as he’s been dictating their environmental policies.

The Conservatives are the labour-friendly party

With Justin Trudeau doing so much damage to the energy industry, and with Jagmeet Singh betraying Canadian labourers, that now leaves the Conservatives as the most labour-friendly party in Canada.

While that hasn’t always been the case historically, the fact that the Conservatives are running on eliminating the carbon tax, increasing our energy infrastructure, and ending imports of foreign oil means the Conservatives are taking positions that will have the most positive financial impact on Canadian labourers, and create the most jobs for Canadian Workers.

There’s now no denying that the NDP’s legacy of supporting Canadian workers is dead and gone.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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CPC has signed the Paris Accord and has been staunchly supportive of Sustainable Development which has morphed into the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, an implementation of Agenda 2030 in Canada. I wouldn’t trust their Bona Fides as far as I can spit.

Brian Dougan

The new face of Canada. Socialist men in pink turbans.


Mr Singh you are truly a disappointment to the NDP members. I find it hard to believe that the has been Sven’s Robinson and his legacy of shame of being a thief is on your docket to run as an MP for the NDP. You all need to get your heads out of the sand with this farce environmental train you are on. There is no doubt you and the environmental fringe groups and working for the likes of Soros Suzuki tides along with the local government in B.C. you are all trying to destroy Canada and our Canadian way… Read more »