WATCH: Andrew Scheer Unveils Vision For Canada’s Economy

“Canada must be a place where no ambition is too big, where no dream is out of reach, and where no government will stand in the way of people working hard to get ahead.”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has unveiled his vision for Canada’s economy in a speech to the Economic Club of Canada.

The speech follows his foreign policy speech, and marks the second in a series of 5 speeches in which he will unveil his vision for Canada.

In the speech, Scheer notably called for a ‘National Energy Corridor,’ which would facilitate the construction of pipelines and powerlines.

He also called for an end to foreign oil imports by 2030.

You can watch Scheer’s speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Never trust a centralist, globalist.


Hey , thank you Andrew for revealing your economic plan so we can use it for own to use during the election and with help of media not disclosing the cpc plan to public makes it easier for us to claim it as ours
Thanks once again. From liberals.
Spencer, I wrote this because I feel that exactly what the liberals will do.


2030 date should be moved up sooner!!

Thomas Tass

Scheer understands that the country has begun a perceptible decline economically, socially and politically. The purposeful destruction of Canada country by the Liberals is well underway and they will not relent or yield before October. Getting advice from their American cousins Obama, Alexelrod, Clinton and the Democratic National Committee the Liberal cabal knows no limits and will do what ever it takes to stay in power. If it looks like a defeat between now and election they will stuff the public service with their 5th columnists to ensure the PC’s get tied into legal knocks and fall into bureaucratic quagmires.


He is a globalist & will sell Canadians out just like the rest of them. He only won because the dairy cartel signed up as false conservatives so they could get him in. I have a copy of the dairy farmers booklet that says Scheers team has promised supply management won’t be brought up for debate.