Deal Reportedly Reached To End U.S. Tariffs On Canadian Steel & Aluminum

The tariffs have been in place for about a year.

It is being reported by CTV that a deal has been reached to end U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

The tariffs had been in place for about a year, with a 25% levy on steel and a 10% levy on aluminum.

Many had expected that the new NAFTA agreement would include an end to the tariffs, but the Trudeau government was unable to get that done.

But now, with the U.S. ramping up their trade conflict with China, and with China becoming increasingly belligerent with Canada, there is a growing move towards stronger ties between Canada and the U.S., so the U.S. has that issue off their plate and can focus more on the Communist State.

It is expected that – when the U.S. tariffs are officially lifted – Canadian retaliatory tariffs will be lifted immediately.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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