Largest Number Of Canadians Blame Government Taxes For Surging Gas Prices

Trudeau’s carbon tax is hurting the Canadian People.

A new Angus Reid survey shows a plurality of Canadians blaming government taxes for the rise of gas prices.

According to the survey, 43% of Canadians say the government is responsible. Meanwhile, 39% say the blame rests with “oil companies’ desire to maximize profit.” 18% blame “economic market forces.”

Within those overall numbers are large provincial variations:

In BC, 37% blame the government, 47% blame oil companies, and 16% blame market forces.

In Alberta, 47% blame the government, 24% blame oil companies, and 29% blame market forces.

In Saskatchewan, 63% blame the government, 20% blame oil companies, and 17% blame market forces.

In Manitoba, 54% blame the government, 39% blame oil companies, and 7% blame market forces.

In Ontario, 51% blame the government, 33% blame oil companies, and 16% blame market forces.

In Quebec, 27% blame the government, 55% blame oil companies, and 18% blame market forces.

And in Atlantic Canada, 44% blame the government, 34% blame oil companies, and 22% blame market forces.

This shows that growing numbers of Canadians are seeing the clear connection between the cost of the Trudeau Carbon Tax, and the rising cost of gas. And as other surveys have noted, that rising cost of gasoline is making the nationwide affordability crisis even worse.

As a result, we can expect to see the carbon tax get even less popular, as Canadians are feeling the economic damage first hand.

Spencer Fernando

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shawn harris

Since everything in our modern economic world is very tightly connected; just think, how long it will be before the price rises on our everyday goods and services and reach the point of not being affordable anymore?. So not only are we being forced to pay a tax, the carbon tax, that won’t change anything or save the world, except to enrich the Trudeau government at our expense. And now, that summer is just around the corner, Trudeau and his carbon tax will be hated even more than ever, for having ruined not just our daily lives but our far… Read more »


All part of “Plan ‘A’,” shawn — he is out to ‘break the bank’ and put us on our knees and sacrifice Canada to the U,N. — as is seen around the world over the past number of years. VERY dangerous for our offspring, their offspring and their offspring, which is who we are responsible for and who will never forgive us if we leave them a ‘third-world’ country.

old white guy

If we had sane rational people in this country, not socialists, gas would be 60 cents a litre. Our own oil from western Canada would be enriching all Canadians not just the elite fools who are sucking us dry in Ottawa. We would be paying a made in Canada price not world price and shipping the oil from Saudi Arabia and other countries being enriched at our expense. As I said, if we had sane people.


Absolutely, old white guy — from another old white guy.

Alain Turcotte

I concur! Canada could and should be an energy superpower because of our natural resources like oil, electricity, and timber. But at this point in time, we are being run by Cultural Marxists, which is why the country is falling apart and going bankrupt.


As for BC & Quebec, if you don’t want to play the game, then you pay.


It most assuredly appears so, eh?


‘He’ was well aware of that reality when the tax was imposed. The underlying problem (equally, with respect to all of ‘his’ policies, is that being a typical ‘spoiled child’ where money is simply a word, the effects of any of ‘his’ policies simply do not matter — at least to ‘him.’