Largest Number Of Canadians Blame Government Taxes For Surging Gas Prices

Trudeau’s carbon tax is hurting the Canadian People.

A new Angus Reid survey shows a plurality of Canadians blaming government taxes for the rise of gas prices.

According to the survey, 43% of Canadians say the government is responsible. Meanwhile, 39% say the blame rests with “oil companies’ desire to maximize profit.” 18% blame “economic market forces.”

Within those overall numbers are large provincial variations:

In BC, 37% blame the government, 47% blame oil companies, and 16% blame market forces.

In Alberta, 47% blame the government, 24% blame oil companies, and 29% blame market forces.

In Saskatchewan, 63% blame the government, 20% blame oil companies, and 17% blame market forces.

In Manitoba, 54% blame the government, 39% blame oil companies, and 7% blame market forces.

In Ontario, 51% blame the government, 33% blame oil companies, and 16% blame market forces.

In Quebec, 27% blame the government, 55% blame oil companies, and 18% blame market forces.

And in Atlantic Canada, 44% blame the government, 34% blame oil companies, and 22% blame market forces.

This shows that growing numbers of Canadians are seeing the clear connection between the cost of the Trudeau Carbon Tax, and the rising cost of gas. And as other surveys have noted, that rising cost of gasoline is making the nationwide affordability crisis even worse.

As a result, we can expect to see the carbon tax get even less popular, as Canadians are feeling the economic damage first hand.

Spencer Fernando