Trudeau Further Implicated In Investigation Against Admiral Norman

Another government lie exposed.

The Trudeau government has tried claiming that the disgraceful treatment of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was something completely independent from the Prime Minister.

But now, there’s definitive evidence that’s not the case.

The Globe & Mail is reporting that Justin Trudeau personally set in motion the investigation.

Here’s a key excerpt:

“The RCMP investigation that led to a criminal charge against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was set in motion by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was furious at the leak of classified cabinet deliberations involving a $668-million naval supply ship contract, sources say.

Leaks of confidential information are common in Ottawa but rarely does the Prime Minister get involved in summoning the RCMP to investigate. This sends a powerful signal throughout the government, which sources say may have accounted for the energy and effort the RCMP invested in a two-year probe of Vice-Adm. Norman.”

The report also notes Trudeau talking about how Norman would be charged – even before any charges were announced:

“Sources said Mr. Trudeau indicated he felt betrayed that bureaucrats would leak cabinet confidences, especially when the newly elected Liberal government had made efforts to highlight the importance of the public service after a decade of rule by the Harper Conservatives.

However, once it became known that Vice-Adm. Norman was the key RCMP suspect, Mr. Trudeau predicted in 2017 that the naval commander would end up in court even as he denied politically interfering in the matter.”

So, any claims by the Trudeau Liberals that they didn’t ‘interfere’ are obviously false. If Trudeau set in motion what happened to Norman, and if he was claiming that Norman would face charges before he even faced any charges, then there was obviously power being asserted from the top in a way that interfered with the course of justice.

Trudeau must answer for this, and for his other endless lies to the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Turdeau is a Weasel that always denies everything and accepts no responsibility for anything,he truly is an incompetent FOOLHe is a black Stain on canada


‘HE’ suffers from an acute case of ‘spoiled child’ syndrome.


He most certainly is, Don.


Time to lock Trudeau up for his criminal acts.


You betcha.


You betcha !!


He’s got some nerve! He should be arrested and jailed for life for what he has done to Canada!


Most assuredly, Char.


He certainly should, Char.

Duncan Anderson

This P.O.S. has to be the biggest con artist and liar in Canadian history to hold the position of P.M.. Turd Trudeau Is an IDIOT period.. Vote this P.O.S. out in October and every other Liberal as well.They are all liars and con artist and they are destroying Canada.


Lucky guess, Duncan.


The most assuredly are, Duncan.

Messianic Jew

The other thing that it proves is that the RCMP should be wearing their “TRUE” Uniforms; Jack Boots, and Brown Shirts. As well, in part, it shows that it helps trudeau’s cause along, to have her (the AG) fired.


Just ‘business as usual,/ eh?



Norbert Kausen

Yep, THAT is EXACTLY what people were already suspicious of!!! Now it is confirmed that we live in a totalitarian police state run by a delusional tyrant, trying to emulate his hero, the communist Chinese Chairman, Xi Jinping!!! Trudeau is a feeble, ineffective wannabe dictator! Trudeau is the Vidkun Quisling of Canada!


I alluded to that (not quite so colourfully) some 40 or so months ago and was roundly criticized by some — now it appears my comments were not entirely off the mark–and if we throw in ‘gun control’ (no personal defence against the tyrant) the picture is complete.


When I commented to that effect some 2 years, or so ago, I was roundly scolded by some — now it appears I was not so far off the mark.


Lots of luck; he’s too well protected.


You betcha.


And now head guy – Admiral – lies and says he alone made the decision not to give Norman his job back. After the Minister said he would not allow Norman back. Investigate the head guy now for his interference also.


Things get curiouser and curiouser, do they not?

Beverley Campbell

I would say that Trudeau is going down for the third time.


The payer of many, many Canadians every day.


Trudeau is a slime ball liar! Time to get rid of the embarrassment they call pmo.


You betcha, Jim.


At this point in time there cannot possibly be anyone who has not come to that conclusion — can there?


WHAT??? Trudeau lie??? Is that possible? Oh, m’Gawd, what is the world coming to?