UNHINGED: Red-Faced McKenna Goes Nuts In Question Period, Shouts And Yells At Conservatives


With support for the Liberals falling and Canadians turning against the widely-hated carbon tax, Catherine McKenna appears to be losing it.

In Question Period, McKenna became unhinged, yelling and shouting at the Conservatives.

As she jabbed her finger in the air over and over again, her face turned red and even some of her own colleagues seemed a bit off-put by McKenna’s unhinged outburst.

Perhaps McKenna is angry because even her own fellow Liberal Ontario MPs aren’t buying her fear-mongering rhetoric, with recent reports indicating that they listed the environment all the way back in 7th when it comes to top issues they want to campaign on.

Or, perhaps she’s upset that Canadians are seeing through the carbon tax scam, realizing that all the fear-mongering in the world can’t hide the fact that the carbon tax is a tax grab meant to hurt Canadians, while doing nothing for the environment.

Either way, McKenna is clearly cracking under the pressure, and is lashing out.

You can watch McKenna’s unhinged outburst below:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter