UNHINGED: Red-Faced McKenna Goes Nuts In Question Period, Shouts And Yells At Conservatives


With support for the Liberals falling and Canadians turning against the widely-hated carbon tax, Catherine McKenna appears to be losing it.

In Question Period, McKenna became unhinged, yelling and shouting at the Conservatives.

As she jabbed her finger in the air over and over again, her face turned red and even some of her own colleagues seemed a bit off-put by McKenna’s unhinged outburst.

Perhaps McKenna is angry because even her own fellow Liberal Ontario MPs aren’t buying her fear-mongering rhetoric, with recent reports indicating that they listed the environment all the way back in 7th when it comes to top issues they want to campaign on.

Or, perhaps she’s upset that Canadians are seeing through the carbon tax scam, realizing that all the fear-mongering in the world can’t hide the fact that the carbon tax is a tax grab meant to hurt Canadians, while doing nothing for the environment.

Either way, McKenna is clearly cracking under the pressure, and is lashing out.

You can watch McKenna’s unhinged outburst below:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

this is getting out of hand, all these liberals do is yell and scream, she is just like her dictator boss.
really she should go viral for the spoiled woman with the big mouth.


You betcha, alan

Don Taylor

Mckenna is just as STUPID as Turdeau,what a mistake that happened to canada when the LOONEY Liberals came intoOttawa


Oh, yeah, Don — and many of us knew that when it happened.

Paul Pogue

McKenna learns quickly from sour sister Candice Bergen!


What a twit! I know that isn’t a good statement, but it’s definitely is not an argument…she’s a twit!


Lucky guess, Sandra.


This needs Medical Attention !


Yup !!


Words fail me. Obviously, they fail McKenna also.


So that was the problem — wondered.


Unhinged, as only a lieberal can be.


Living proof thereof.

Gary Van Mourik

The Liberals believe their own lies! Trudeau said the Liberals did not try to persecute Admiral Norman, that it was Privy Council Wernick. Ya, like Wernick wasn’t in Trudeau’s back pocket!


Lies, lies and more lies — it’s even confusing the Liberals now.


Ordinarily I wouldn’t be considering any dumb blonde cracks. For her, I’ll make an exception.


You and I both, RDP

Moe S.

Hey, Carbon Cathy would be nice if you showed this kind of anger over Canada’s No.1. Public Health Crisis.
You know, the 40,000 fentanyl overdoses per year in Canada. Sure let’s deflect from anything important happening across the country because your too busy fighting climate change, one refrigerator subsidy at a time.


Gotta have your priorities straight, eh?

Ken (Kulak)

She is sick.


Actually, sicker.

shawn harris

Since the Liberals and in particular McKenna feel the need now to shout and scream about the environment and the end of the world if we don’t do anything ; only goes to prove how desperate they are to use hysterics and hyperbole as proof for imposing a new tax, the carbon tax on all Canadians. After all, Trudeau and McKenna have had four years to convince all Canadians of the reasons why we should pay a new tax. They have failed because we can all see through the rhetoric and deceitful language used by the Liberals and have come… Read more »


EXCELLENT response, shawn

old white guy

Liberal socialists are all nuts. they lack the intellect to think critically and therefore foolishness is all the understand. Canada cannot now or ever influence the climate. Facts refute A G W and only a complete fool would think they have the power o God.


Thanks, ‘old white guy,’ from another ‘old white guy.’


maybe she is tired of constantly being shown to be a lier and incompetant and the pressure is getting to her.


You betcha, denis.

Beverley Campbell

The most amusing part is all the surrounding bobble-heads during her rant.

Beverley Campbell

The most amusing part is all the bobble-heads surrounding her during her rant.


Cute, aren’t they, ,Beverley — and in unison, as well.

Irene Lariviere

Dr Tim Ball is the Canadian authority on Climate Conditions. The ‘raging’ Liberals are nothing but propaganda mediators for the global agenda. Climate change is a LIE. McKenna is nothing more than an overpaid actress, she does not KNOW A THING about science or carbon. Her parliamentary behaviour is pandering to non-educated and ill-informed people. I pray that Canadians wake up to get rid of this ‘government’ (a generous term for corrupt thugs).

Travis Townsend

Wow.. She will never give up. Knowing the that the color Red is the color Red, we will stick with the truth of the color. This climate change scam is just childish at this point. We are going through mother nature’s cycle. And its supposed to be hot… This is the coolest summer we have had in Calgary since the e 20s. Canadians need to band together and wipe out our government. We need a fresh start. WE EMPLOY THE GOVERNMENT TJE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT EMPLOY THE PEOPLE. Unless you are a dead beat. Point is we have the power… Read more »


Her tweets are getting ratioed about 40-1. Nobody’s buying the #ClimateHoax anymore.

D Met

Of course she’s yelling! She’s on the record saying that the more you yell and scream and repeat yourself the more people who believe you. What an idiot!

William Jones

There is no question about it, she is in dire need of professional help.