Elizabeth May Raises Possibility Of Far-Left Liberal-Green-NDP COALITION Against Conservatives Even If Scheer Wins Most Seats

Increasingly, it seems that a Conservative majority is the only way to stop the anti-Canadian effort to destroy our energy industry.

With the Green Party rising in the polls, Elizabeth May has been given a tremendous opportunity to reshape the political spectrum.

But instead of making the most of that opportunity, May is announcing that she is willing to be nothing more than a stooge to Justin Trudeau in order to keep him in power.

It turns out that a vote for the Greens might end up being the same as a vote for the Liberals.

That’s because Elizabeth May has now made clear that she is willing to support a coalition government that keeps the Liberals in power – even if the Conservatives win the most votes and seats.

As reported by Althia Raj of the Huffington Post, “If the 2019 election ends up in a minority situation but the Tories have the most seats, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May thinks the Liberal government should try to form a new government with support from other parties.”

Think about that for a second.

Even if the Liberals lose, Elizabeth May thinks Trudeau should stay in power.

That is crazy, and disturbing.

Is Elizabeth May actually trying to win, or is she trying to a be a servant of Justin Trudeau and his corrupt government?

It surely seems like the latter.

And consider how devastating that Liberal-Green-NDP Coalition would be.

The NDP wants to wipe out the energy industry and says we can’t use oil.

The Greens want to DOUBLE the carbon tax.

The economy and our energy industry would be absolutely crushed, and investment and jobs would flee Canada in even larger numbers.

As a result of this new coalition threat, one thing is absolutely clear: Only a Conservative majority can protect our economy and the future of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Diane DiFlorio

Elizabeth May is a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. If anyone has read the book “Cloak of Green” she is a player in all of this #ClimateHoax #AntiOil, as is David Suzuki, his wife Tara and the late Maurice Strong!
This could be very dangerous for Canadians to vote for any Liberal, NDP or Green Party.
Don’t get fooled, do some research !


The Conservatives had better obliterate everyone, then, because that is exactly what the ‘other side’ would do. Even when our interests are in common the left will fracture and divide. In order to conquer.

walter baker

God help us!!!!!


God helps those who help themselves.

walter baker

god help us


Liberalism is a mental disorder. Plain and simple.


The lefties will stoop to the lowest to destroy this country


Conservatives would be better positioned if they got together with the Greens and come to some agreement on a Carbon reduction plan. Something that the Greens could support as an initial step.


So what!
Whatever the Greens get is st the expense of the N’Dippers.


Of course that is what will happen, he will lose the election and proceed to steal it which might actually be a good thing. Canada is setup to crash and land in a deep recession without any sort of ability to recover due to his policy, massive debt, undermining of all non-government backed coporations and decimation of our resource industry and if the conservatives win a majority they will be blamed by the clueless masses for what is about to happen in this country. By stealing the election and being propped up by a bunch of other losers the blame… Read more »

Connie Cattle

Talk about an economical nightmare a coalition with the these three would be financial suicide for Canada and it’s economy. The Conservative majority is the only way to save our country. From these loons.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Actually I think they are not all they are proclaimed to be. PPC is a better option. This country needs a good spanking and in some ways it would be good if this happened.

Yes, indeed, it would be a good thing BUT only for keeping the Turd in power, are you nuts or just having fun speculating aloud?

Frank Pelsoczi

Civil war?


That would be the end of Canada as we know it. Alberta and Saskatchewan would be gone. BC being isolated would join Washington State. The East Coast would become a dysfunctional 3rd world status nation. Ontario would be ruled from Quebec.


I’m embarrassed to say this loon is my MP. I’m further embarrassed to admit I have no faith in the voters in the Victoria area and Vancouver Island, which is turning far left. Those of us here who haven’t lost their minds will need the rest of the country to bail us out. When I first moved here in the early 90s there were conservative MPs as well as MLAs. In fact my riding was represented by Gary Lunn for quite a few years, not a great conservative, but far from the nuts who populate the other parties now. It… Read more »

Eleanor Merkus

She was always nuts!

james isnor

Not surprised. She does nt give a hoot about Canadians or Canada. I would like to say drunk with power but she has none. Just blind aspirations. Willing to sell Canada down the river to achieve minor notoriety. Good luck. You will always be remembered as the drunken bully who had to cherry pick a riding (twice) to get a seat.

Thomas Tass

The smell of defeat must be filling the nostrils of the left already.


Go for it. That would officially signal the end of Canada and give the extra little push needed for an independent West.

Leo Frey

If indeed this happens Alberta will be the first of a few provinces which will leave this joke called Canada

Peter Hessels

She an’t even ride a bike!


A correction on my previous comment: why can’t people see that the rebate they promised is in fact own money. The rebate is so minimal but the amount they’re taking is nothing short of a tax grab & not one that will remedy the environment!

Norbert Kausen

So, a MAJORITY it WILL be… a MASSIVE majority!!! Hopefully it will finish ALL three left-wing extremist parties!!! The left-wing extremist miscreants are REALLY trying to destroy democracy… and THAT will NOT happen!!!

David MacKAY

A Bernier Scheer coalition is also increasingly likely


I think it’s time to banish politics and politicians ,reduce the role of government to mere employees who would be keeping Canada in the black or be fired,and in no way responsible for any social or ethical issues.

Catherine H

You are suggesting an unelected ‘deep state’ that run themselves however they want. It doesn’t work very well. Understatement of the century.


God forbid!! I’m telling all my friends not to vote NDP or Green. I know some who are going to vote NDP. Maybe this will persuade them to vote Conservative. Why anyone would vote other than Conservative or the Peoples Party is beyond me. I hope the vote for the Conservatives isn’t split to much by the PPC. If so, maybe they can form a coalition.

old white guy

It is well past time to eliminate the broken, first past the post, system where a minority of voters and votes can get any party a majority government. So called coalitions of like minded socialists should never be allowed. If your party does not get a majority then you don’t get to lead. 51% or nothing.


so then 3 or 4 parties who do have have 51% can then band together & dictate? that’s what would happen just as it happens now. bc is a prime example.

Rob Gillespie

What May is demonstrating is that she doesn’t give a damn what other Canadians want. She wants power to tell all of us how to live and she is apparently willing to use any means to get it. She couldn’t get the “proportional representation” scam through, so now she’s trying this. For Albertans, however, there is fortunately another way to protect our economy and our own future ability to live, and that is to SEPARATE. There is already considerable support for the idea, and if May tries to stage this kind of coup against the voters and taxpayers, I predict… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

Don’t blame you! By the way, she is a New England American. This is what we have trying to govern us. Someone should tell her to go home!


Follow the money and. It will lead to Soros or some other sinister player buying her services.


There is no doubt whatever that, in order for Canada to regain its stature — internally as well as externally — the Conservatives MUST come in with a decisive majority, giving them the needed opportunity to get Canada back on track, otherwise, our country is lost forever.


You forgot to mention the media party so you have “greens ndp and the media party’ all together are against the conservatives.
I am sure if you look back when the Harper was in power that Elizabeth May spent most of her time in the USA doing her very best to shut down Alberta”s oil sands. She held numerous press conference in Canada spouting her disdain for PMSH and oil sands.
It’s up to Canadians to make the ultimate decision where they want their country to go.

Catherine H

…and the media party is getting lots of extra funding from Traitor Trudeau just before the election…if they can be ‘trusted’.


I sure hope they do! Then the prairie provinces can form a coalition and an oil embargo on the rest of Canada! Western separation!

Morgan Proft

Do you not understand how elections work? A coalition government would be an agreement between the most voters its more democratic than a conservative government that polls at 35% ish instead it would be a coalition that polls at over 55 a true majority which hasn’t been seen in Canada for a long time. And It would push the Liberals to actually do stuff, like that election reform they promised and would almost certainly get them moving faster on climate change, granted its more important for America and China to act on climate change than it is for us, but… Read more »