Trump Ended The Tariffs On Canada So America Can Focus On Trade War With China. Trudeau Looks Like A Fool Trying To Take Credit For It.

If Trudeau and Freeland were such geniuses, why didn’t they get the tariffs removed when the new NAFTA was signed?

When something bad happens, and then that bad thing continue for a year, and then ends, you end up back where you started.

It’s not an ‘improvement,’ and it’s not a win.

And when that bad thing happens on your watch, you don’t get to simultaneously take no responsibility for it happening and then take responsibility for it no longer happening.

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening with the Trudeau government and their attempt to spin the end of US tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum as a ‘win.’

The tariffs were imposed on Trudeau’s watch, and he and Freeland failed to get them removed as a condition of signing the new NAFTA deal.

Then, the Trump Administration just recently decided to end the tariffs.

Both the initial tariff imposition and the end of the tariffs were unilateral moves by the Trump Administration, and both were related to China.

The original concern in the United States is that China dumps steel into countries like Canada, and then gets that steel into the United States by having it be considered ‘Canadian’ steel.

That hurts the US Steel Industry, which is a national security concern for the States since in the case of a significant war, the ability to produce vast amounts of steel is essential to building a strong military force.

Canada should also be concerned about China trying to wipe out our own steel industry, but few Canadian leaders have the guts to address that.

So, with the US concern with China being a key issue the tariffs were imposed, then it also needs to be said that US concerns with China are behind the end of the tariffs on Canada.

It’s no coincidence that Trump ended the tariffs on Canada just as the trade war between the US and China heats up.

The US is focusing their attention on the fight with China, which means wrapping up trade disputes with their allies like Canada.

And this is why Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland look like such fools for trying to spin the end of the US tariffs on Canada as some sort of personal ‘win’ or achievement.

They had nothing to do with it. And they can’t somehow take credit for ending the tariffs when they took no responsibility for the tariffs not being removed in the past year.

The reality is simple, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland had nothing to do with the tariffs being lifted, and we can’t allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Spencer Fernando

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Gerri Page

Trudeau is always taken credit from someone else, so hopefully the voters will see through him and he is Canada’s greatest liar.

Thomas Tass

The corrupt Liberal cabal in Ottawa is working hard with the CBC and other leftist media they are giving taxpayer money ($600 million) to obscure their failing climate change narrative with narcissistic drivel about how they have shown President Trump just how powerful they are. The smell of defeat in October is filling their nostrils as the Ontario Liberal MP’s have already figured it out.

Eric Blair

So where was the Canadian Steel Association in all this… US tariffs hurt them too and they had to know that China was dumping steel into Canada and then passing it off as Canadian made steel. They must have got a good cut in order to do this. Traitors!

shawn harris

With Trudeau’s socialist driven ideology driving our national economy into the ground and having failed to produce any real and lasting economic benefits,after four years in office, Trudeau is desperate to be seen as some sort of economic saviour for Canada and Canadians. Remember, Trudeau doesn’t have any real world experience or expertise in economics or even earning a real living wage, yet pretends to present himself as understanding of complex international economic relationships. This is a PM that believes that you can borrow, tax and spend Canada into prosperity, while destroying deliberately our economic foundations, namely the oil industry.… Read more »

Jonathan Bryant

Very good insight. Leave it to our version of Animal Farm’s Napolean to do something as stupid and narcissistic as this.


I like president Donald Trump who loves his country and is doing his very to protect her and his citizens from harm and terrorism, which many muslims care about and respect him for it. Unfortunately, the Democrats are doing the opposite, disregarding the safety and protection of Americans by aiding terror, illegals, and destroying the American values.
Justin Trudeau is a playboy whereas Donald Trump is a businessman.


He also took credit for jobs created which was Ford’s accomplishment.