NANOS POLL: Conservatives Hold 5 Point Lead Over Liberals

Scheer leads as preferred PM.

The Conservatives maintain a 5 point lead in the Nanos poll, similar to the margin they had last week.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives – 35.9%

Liberals – 30.6%

NDP – 14.2%

Greens – 11.1%

Bloc – 4.0%

People’s – 1.1%

Scheer also leads as the choice for ‘preferred PM.’

28.6% pick Scheer, 27.9% pick Trudeau, 10.0% pick May, 6.8% pick Singh, and 1.8% pick Bernier.

The Nanos poll generally shows the Liberals doing better than most other pollsters do, so to have the Conservatives with a consistent lead is a sign that the damage to the Liberal brand and the Trudeau brand is having a lasting impact.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube