NANOS POLL: Conservatives Hold 5 Point Lead Over Liberals

Scheer leads as preferred PM.

The Conservatives maintain a 5 point lead in the Nanos poll, similar to the margin they had last week.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives – 35.9%

Liberals – 30.6%

NDP – 14.2%

Greens – 11.1%

Bloc – 4.0%

People’s – 1.1%

Scheer also leads as the choice for ‘preferred PM.’

28.6% pick Scheer, 27.9% pick Trudeau, 10.0% pick May, 6.8% pick Singh, and 1.8% pick Bernier.

The Nanos poll generally shows the Liberals doing better than most other pollsters do, so to have the Conservatives with a consistent lead is a sign that the damage to the Liberal brand and the Trudeau brand is having a lasting impact.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ben Eby

A Nanos poll showing a 5% lead is not reliable as most Canadians know. Nik is a Liberal/socialist troll and always has been. The true lead is likely closer to 10%. Regardless of the polls, it is imperative that all conservatives vote in the coming election. Not only do you need to vote yourself but take some family members with you. I personally added a large number of votes (11) to the recent UCP count just through family members alone.


Sheer barely edges out Justin for preferred PM? And the combined leftist vote is more than 50%, which worries me after Elizabeth May’s comments. If conservatives dont get a majority the country is in big trouble.


I’m just not believing that poll.The media and pollsters lay in the same bed of fleas.All I heard was clinton 99% sure of victory.All the media and pollsters were wrong.President Trump beat the bark out of those socialist libtards.We have more conservative provinces now plus lying socialist trudope better be brought up corruption charges.Evil soros can’t buy this October election because PEI and New Brunswick couldn’t be bought off and we know how many libtards reside on the east coast.There’s to many in Canada that were hurt financially by the socialist lying dictator trudope.One more thing the GDP tanked because… Read more »