CORRUPTION: Trudeau Government Picks Unifor – Who Are Actively Campaigning Against The Conservatives – To Help Choose Who Gets $660 MILLION Media Bailout

Total corruption at the highest levels.

The Trudeau government has confirmed all of our worst fears.

The media bailout panel is now definitively a corrupt institution meant to destroy the Conservatives and elect the Liberals.

As reported today, the Trudeau government has chosen eight media groups to select a representative that will pick who gets the bailout money.

Here’s the list:


Federation nationale des communications

Federation professionnelle des journalistes du Quebec

News media Canada

Association de la press francophone

National Ethnic Press

Media Council of Canada

Canadian Association of journalists

Of course, the fact that media groups get to give out media bailout money is itself a huge problem.

The media bailout fund shouldn’t exist in the first place.

And as we see, the worst part of all is the top of that list.

Unifor ‘represents’ thousands of Canadian ‘journalists.’

And their head, Jerry Dias, has called himself ‘the Resistance’ to Andrew Scheer, as I reported months ago:

“Jerry Dias – the head of the massive Unifor Union which represents over 10,000 Canadian journalists – is calling himself part of ‘the resistance’ to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Here’s what Unifor tweeted:

“Unifor’s National Executive Board started planning for the federal election today @AndrewScheer #canlab #canpoli”

And here’s what Dias tweeted:

“We will #StopScheerStupidity ! @AndrewScheer”

This is total corruption.

The Trudeau government has picked a group that is actively campaigning against the Conservatives to pick who will get media bailout money.

Obviously, that money is going to go towards anti-Conservative media, and be used to try to keep the Liberals in power.

As Andrew Coyne Tweeted, this is the biggest threat to journalism in Canada:

Canada’s freedom of the press is under unprecedented threat, and websites like are among the last bastions of credibility and truth untainted by government domination. Canadians must stand together against this total corruption.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Heavily biased opinion poles anyone?
Still love to watch the CNN meltdown when Trump was elected…


And it’s this corrupt government Elizabeth May, my MP, wants to prop up if conservatives dont win a majority.

robert abbott

Well Unifor the corrupt executive members. We the Canadian people will put Unifor on notice due what you will but remember Canadian’s are not puppets. We all know what Trudeau and company have done to our great Country do not be disillusioned that you have some kind of superman power because you do not. No matter how many millions of Canadian tax payers dollars are thrown at the media you will not succeed at getting corrupt, treasonous, and all around the worst PM Canada has ever seen.


Add to the Medias CEO’s bonuses…whoooohoooooo!!!
And still fire the underlings.


So, essentially, the entire establishment media, union approved media sources will get money, and anything even remotely “right wing” will be “fake news”.. Is that what I’m reading here?

Ana Gomes

Canadians , don’t let Trudeau bribe the media again, with 600 millions, before the elections. Protest against the PM corruption and the credibility of biased Media. You are giving all your voice to the rotten Extremist Socialist Left. Where there is Corruption there is no Democracy possible. In this Liberal Government, there are no principles ,no shame and no Liberalism left. The PM is known as an Imposter and a Charlatan.What makes 50% of Canadians accept this? Are you all equally Corrupt? Go to the streets and show you are not. Say NO to the 600 million to the liberal… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

This, in its entirity, makes me quake in my shoes, the very thought of one (currently in power) government bolstering the supposedly free press in Canada is horrifying, now more than ever we must get our news from Spencer Fernando and NO WHERE ELSE, are you with me?

Gerri Page

More borrowed money to pay them to speak good of Trudeau only and bring Scheer down.


Complete conflict of interest having the Government subsidizing news it becomes bought and paid for news which becomes not actual news but news stories catered to the government that funds them !

Don Taylor

How did the Liberal Looney Tunes get so much power,there cant be that many ignorant people in our country .


People can be bought and paid to look the other way. Plain and simple Corruption. Look at Venezuela Government Rich poor working class who can’t afford to eat. If we don’t vote to change our current Corrupt Government get ready to become another Venezuela


Have you talked to a millennial lately about politics? Too many are indoctrinated to the left by teachers, professors and of course the so-called mainstream media. These unfortunate young people have not had opportunity to assess history. The progressives lead millennials by the nose into an Orwellian future.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has now made it official, he has bought the media. So, where is the outrage and struggle to fight back by the media?. Also, it isn’t just the obvious threat to the Conservatives only, that must be strongly fought against. It is also,the loss of a free media that reduces Canada to that of a failed dictatorship country. It is the beginning of the permanent loss of our rights to free speech and expression. And this buying of the media by Trudeau is just another step he long ago planned to turn Canada into his version of a communist… Read more »


I believe Canada has ended and we are entering the age of totalitarian. Any people who aggressively stand against this and speak out become targeted individuals. With the passing of C51 everyone who is a dissodent speaking against Trudeau they are going to come after. All EU Nations with Western thought are nearing the end and entering into the end of Western civilation.

David MacKAY

Andrew Coyne….Hey Andrew Coyne…has the dime not dropped for you yet?
Over 20 resignations over SNC and the ever widening criminal cabinet scandal – and the clear indicators of corruption – but the dime has not dropped. Your Liberal Leader is a Dictator. Dictatorships are corrupt, and his next move it to try and take away firearms form an un-submissive nation? Really it’s a dictatorship.
Will he find a reason to cancel elections? Is no on paying attention? What Trudeau is doing is giving money in amounts that will transcend 2019 moneys that buy support into next year and more..

Beverley Campbell

Don’t panic, we are paying attention and will deal with this at the Polling Places.


Dictators take over the media , which was already started years ago, many countries with UN one world governments are doing this or have done this already, so communist of them Canadians will be done for if there is no free press, too many already believe this “democratic fake elections” environment communism propaganda being pushed or cannot be bothered to even care.
Thank you Spencer for being the caring man you are.


Why call the $600 million a bailout? It is clearly an illegal bribe by the Trudeau Crime Family to help the Unifor union finance its campaign against the Conservative Party.

old white guy

Just think, there are those who think Canadians are actually smart enough to vote.


One important thing to remember is that the social issues Unifor chooses to stand for and the political parties it stands against are chosen not by its members who work in the shops etc but by its national admin. They have classes they teach that are a part of McMaster university where worker’s can go to get indoctrinated if they want to be a part of the union as a steward. If they take all 30 some odd classes they get a diploma in labour studies. Problem is those studies are Marxist. With a show of hands who here would… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

Led by Unifor, is there any doubt that this is an example of complete corruption? The head of this Union has already declared war on Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party, which was the point at which The Turd got this bright idea……..I know, I’ll buy them and their loyalty. Hey Turd, just when I thought you had sunk as low as you could go……perhaps you can use your powers to shut me up too.

alan skelhorne

gery dias, president of the union, Trudeau pm of Canada equals total corruption. have we all forgotten when jerry dias went to Washington, the president of the usa laughed at this, why would a union leader be picked to go into negotiations with the president of the usa. surely people , you can see through this charade.