CORRUPTION: Trudeau Government Picks Unifor – Who Are Actively Campaigning Against The Conservatives – To Help Choose Who Gets $660 MILLION Media Bailout

Total corruption at the highest levels.

The Trudeau government has confirmed all of our worst fears.

The media bailout panel is now definitively a corrupt institution meant to destroy the Conservatives and elect the Liberals.

As reported today, the Trudeau government has chosen eight media groups to select a representative that will pick who gets the bailout money.

Here’s the list:


Federation nationale des communications

Federation professionnelle des journalistes du Quebec

News media Canada

Association de la press francophone

National Ethnic Press

Media Council of Canada

Canadian Association of journalists

Of course, the fact that media groups get to give out media bailout money is itself a huge problem.

The media bailout fund shouldn’t exist in the first place.

And as we see, the worst part of all is the top of that list.

Unifor ‘represents’ thousands of Canadian ‘journalists.’

And their head, Jerry Dias, has called himself ‘the Resistance’ to Andrew Scheer, as I reported months ago:

“Jerry Dias – the head of the massive Unifor Union which represents over 10,000 Canadian journalists – is calling himself part of ‘the resistance’ to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Here’s what Unifor tweeted:

“Unifor’s National Executive Board started planning for the federal election today @AndrewScheer #canlab #canpoli”

And here’s what Dias tweeted:

“We will #StopScheerStupidity ! @AndrewScheer”

This is total corruption.

The Trudeau government has picked a group that is actively campaigning against the Conservatives to pick who will get media bailout money.

Obviously, that money is going to go towards anti-Conservative media, and be used to try to keep the Liberals in power.

As Andrew Coyne Tweeted, this is the biggest threat to journalism in Canada:

Canada’s freedom of the press is under unprecedented threat, and websites like are among the last bastions of credibility and truth untainted by government domination. Canadians must stand together against this total corruption.

Spencer Fernando

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