Former Ambassador Says China’s President Wouldn’t Even Take Trudeau’s Phone Call

Absolutely pathetic.

As I’ve said before, the Trudeau government has put Canadians at risk by showing repeated weakness in response to China’s continuing escalations against our nation.

And now, it’s so pathetic that a former Canadian Ambassador to China Guy Saint-Jacques says China wouldn’t even pick up the phone if Justin Trudeau called:

“Nobody in the Chinese government wants to meet with a Canadian minister or special envoy — even if the prime minister were to phone [Chinese] President Xi Jinping, he would not take the call,” Saint-Jacques said.”

This is appalling.

Canada has been so severely weakened that it’s not even seen as necessary for our calls to be answered.

That’s not only bad news for Canada as a whole, but it’s terrible news for the two Canadians detained in China. Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig face a very serious situation, and the prospect for their release appears even dimmer if China won’t even answer Trudeau’s calls.

Chrystia Freeland also recently pointed out that she’s asked for meetings with her counterparts in China, but that she isn’t getting any response.

If Trudeau and Freeland had an ounce of sense they would realize that their approach to China has been a total failure. By allowing China to escalate, while simultaneously ruling out any escalation, Freeland and Trudeau have sent the message that Canada can be bullied repeteadly and without any consequence. And it’s basic human nature that if bullying isn’t punished, then the bullying will continue and worsen.

So now, Canada is a laughingstock, our citizens are in danger, our interests are threatened, and the weakness of our leaders is inviting even more disaster.

Canada’s Back!

Spencer Fernando

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