HYPOCRITE: Catherine McKenna Silent On China Illegally Emitting Banned Gas That Destroys Ozone, She Prefers To Take Money Away From Canadian Taxpayers Instead

Again and again and again we see that the carbon tax isn’t about the environment, it’s about taking money out of pour pockets and concentrating it in the hands of the central government.

Catherine McKenna talks alot about the environment and about scientific facts.

Yet, she constantly ignore the fact that Canada is already doing alot to help the environment, and that addressing environmental issues relies upon big emitters like China – where emissions keep surging and where they don’t have the same regulations we have in Canada.

In fact, the Paris Climate Accord that the elites love to praise so much allows China to keep increasing their emissions, while Western nations like Canada are supposed to cut back.

Once again, we see that reality: The elites like McKenna don’t actually care about the environment, they just care about destroying Canadian jobs, taking our money, and screwing over Canadian Taxpayers.

That hypocrisy can be seen in the fact that McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals have been silent, and have taken no action on a new report that China has been secretely emitting an ozone emitting chemical – even though the world agreed to ban that chemical 30 years ago.

According to the National Post, “A chemical banned around the globe for the last 30 years has made an unfortunate resurgence. And all signs, in a new study, point to China as the culprit.

In the 1980s, countries came together to sign The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, a landmark treaty designed to halt and reduce the production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), chemicals used in fridges and foams that had the side effect of tearing through the Earth’s ozone layer.”

Scientists started noticing that the chemical was showing up more and more, with levels of CFC-11 increasing sicne the year 2013:

“The increase implied that someone was secretly violating the Montreal Protocol. But the limitations of measuring devices meant the location of the polluter could only be traced to somewhere in east Asia.

Now, in a new study published in Nature on May 22, scientists from the University of Bristol, Kyungpook National University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that between 40 and 60 per cent of total global CFC-11 emissions originate from eastern China.

With the help of an international network of measurement devices designed to identify and track gases in the atmosphere, the team behind the study found that data from their devices in Korea and Japan has spiked since 2013. After analyzing weather and wind patterns to determine the origin of the gas increase, it led them to eastern mainland China, around the Shandong province.”

Has McKenna or Trudeau condemned Communist China for this environment-destroying violation?


They’ve been silent, even as condemning China would be a great strategic move considering how China has been sh*tting all over Canada as of late.

Instead, Catherine McKenna and Trudeau prefer to rip money out of our pockets, hurting Canadians, making us poorer, destroying jobs, wrecking our energy industry, and costing our nation billions.

Imagine how much potential wealth and prosperity has already been wiped out by Trudeau and McKenna, as other countries reap the rewards we’ve been so brutally denied…

Spencer Fernando

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peter black

This is ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNISM being implemented. McKenna is a brain=washed idiot


If McKenna or the Greens take Canada off carbon and leave it in the ground this would make us vulnerable to invasion by others. We would have no fuels to operate our military defense equipment.


All these LIEberals greens NDP are “just not ready” and NEVER will be. Canada is desperate for a REAL, common sense government, that is FOR Canadians. Vote Conservative.


“The elites like McKenna don’t actually care about the environment, they just care about destroying Canadian jobs, taking our money, and screwing over Canadian Taxpayers.”

Sounds familiar? Welcome to the banana republic of the North.

old white guy

Too bad it will never get warm enough to grow bananas. If it did at least we would not freeze to death when all the oil has been sold or given to someone else. Jeez I hate liberal socialists.