VIDEO: Indigenous Activist Calls Trudeau A “Liar And A Weak Leader”

More evidence of Justin Trudeau’s mounting unpopularity.

Yet another example of Justin Trudeau’s mounting unpopularity could be seen today, when an Indigenous protestor called Trudeau a “liar and a weak leader.”

The protestor was certainly correct in the decsription of Trudeau, as the Canadian People have seen Trudeau’s endless lies, and the fact that China won’t even take our calls shows Trudeau’s pathetic weakness.

You can watch the moment below:

“Trudeau speaking now, saying he wants to thank protestors outside. He was then interrupted by protesters who were seated inside (we’re at the back of the room. Hopefully you can hear the exchange):”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

Trudeau hates the truth, good for the guy. we all know Trudeau doesn,t like being a fool, oh wait a minute, he is a damn lying fool.

Valerie Clark

“Their voices are really important as we approach this next election.” He’s only interested in their votes! He’s done NOTHING for indigenous people, the homeless or veterans. He’s saving all his promises until 2 weeks before the election. PLEASE DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN, CANADA !!! This man doe NOT have our best interests at heart!

don morris

Trudeau is pathetic,his recent “pardon” for Chief Poundmaker fora charge and conviction which took place in 1885 is typical of his duplicity.He loves to apologize for issue he had nothing to do with and which happened long ago, but he isn’t so good at apologizing for the mess he’s made of Government relations with First Nations right NOW!

The Native activist was right, Trudeau is a liar and a weak leader, something the rest of the world saw a long time ago.