As Backlash Grows, Group May Quit Trudeau’s Corrupt Media Bailout Panel

Canadian Association of Journalists says “We had a sense a lot of decisions had already been made.”

With the backlash growing towards Trudeau’s clearly biased panel for the corrupt media bailout, one group is already considering quitting the panel.

The Canadian Association of Journalists was announced as one of the eight panelists who would help pick who got the bailout money.

Now, as reported by Blacklocks Reporter, they say they may not participate:

“The Journalists’ Pugliese said her group only learned of its invitation to the expert panel through a late phone call, and questioned the entire process. “We even had a hard time finding out who we should speak to,” said Pugliese. “We had a sense a lot of decisions had already been made.”

“We got a call from the Department of Heritage on Tuesday saying they would be letting us know we’d get an invitation,” said Pugliese. “We just found out. Our participation is not a given. We have a lot of questions.”

“We consulted our members and this is very controversial,” said Pugliese, director of news for APTN of Winnipeg. “There are concerns the government should not even be appointing this panel.”

Those in the media who truly value independence, freedom of thought, and freedom of speech, must reject any government bailout funds and quit the panel. Otherwise, they become corrupt government stooges.

So, this backlash is good to see.

However, the fact is that the Trudeau government will still be giving the over $600 MILLION in bailout money, and Unifor – who are actively trying to defeat the Conservatives – are still part of the panel and will have significant influence and control over where the money goes.

Even if the Canadian Association of Journalists quits the panel, the reality is that our media is still being totally corrupted, and freedom of the press is on life support.

These are dangerous and disturbing times.

Spencer Fernando


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Clive Edwards

As a member of UNIFOR through their Vancouver Film Local, I am disappointed that UNIFOR is taking sides in a political process that disenfranchises many union members who don’t side with the Liberals. Turdo is an idiot, plain and simple. While the Conservatives may prove to be not much better, our unions must limit their representation of us to matters of our contracts of employment. it is corrupt to favour one employer over another, which is in a sense what UNIFOR is doing by endorsing the Liberals.


Thank you for your truth on this. You are brave to speak honesty about it.


Thank-you for taking a principled stance. It’s heartening to see members within the profession speak out about what is obvious to all.


Unifor has always taken sides, and it’s far worse since the CAW merged with them.


I was blown away that journalists are even part of a union, but yea the fact that the union head stands up and says they will be the resistance to one side or another is completely pathetic, but he is standing for a government that will always benefit the union over the other government who isn’t there as much for a union, which brings us back to why are journalists even unionized at all, pretty much brings the bias in.

Koach Kal

100% agree. Unions should not be active on political fronts – especially should not be using union dues to push political narrtives

S Willis

Everything that Trudeau touches is poison because he does nothing without his own self interest in mind. He is corrupt to the core as are his Liberal MPs!


“There are concerns the government should not even be appointing this panel.” Quite the epiphany.

Canada, still in deep slumber.

Ian MacIntyre

not if i can help it…

old white guy

Nothing quite like government controlled media eh. As Canada slides ever further into banana republic status we seem to be unable to see or prevent the eventual demise of our freedom and our culture.


I totally agree. What can we as concerned Canadians do about this beside speak up and out about it to people around us? Is there any media source that will listen and get this information about bias out there?


In dictator heaven the despots like Stalin, Castro and PolPot are giving the Liberals a round of applause. They know that free speech in Canada is failing as the Liberal smears and disinformation campaign gains exposure by using taxpayer money. Brilliant!


How much of that BRIBE money to journalists will be given back in union dues? Besides, the journalists would give their lives to supporting the liberals and corruption for FREE.


The Harper Conservative party won three elections and they did not have the glory of media reporters reporting for them. That’s amazing.
Justin Trudeau, the media darling is experiencing problems, no wonder he needs everyone on board to help him win the next election.

Shawn Harris

Governments usually stand or fall on their records while in office, but now it seems Trudeau is going to rewrite his time in office with the help of a bought and paid for biased media. At least the Conservatives under Harper stood for what they believed in and didn’t use corrupted media to either get elected or prevent their fall from office. Trudeau, fearing he will lose the election, shows his total lack of principle, he claims to want to fight racism, hatred and extremism in the media, but decides to legislate just what those terms are and who can… Read more »

Lorne Newell

This smacks of far left communism. Turning the press into Pravda. It is little wonder the MSM is going broke.

Ana Gomes

Where are you ,Canadians? All doped, all drunk. all asleep on the wheel? What are you good for ,if you let a dumb weasel like Trudope change your country into a Venezuela” political look alike”.You voted for a lefty abomination, but time has past and you are still asleep.What is the legacy you are ready to leave to your children? An Extremist Socialist Paradise, where individual freedoms are sacrificed for the benefits of a small elite of rulers like the Dear Leader of North Korea? What a shame, Canada, what a shame! You are complicit to this crime we are… Read more »


Hi. I didn’t vote for him and provincially I voted for Doug Ford. There is so much bias in the media. I see it here and in the United States. We are dealing with so much corruption and brainwashing techniques. I am glad we are not alone. I mean on this site and some others, I see some people are awake and worried about the way the country is going down. Not everyone is asleep. But another big fear is the polarization that is taking place: NDP vs Conservatives. We need to get the truth of how bad socialism will… Read more »

Don Taylor

It is becoming very well known that Turdeau and his Govt are as corrupt as they come and will do anything and say anything to stay in power,SNC LAVALIN and the smearing of Admiral Normans Good name are 2 examples

Robert Anes

I have NO USE for either the Turd or Unifor. have no idea which is WORSE. I will VOTE CONSERVATIVE !