VIDEO: Chrystia Freeland Reduced To Pathetically Begging China To Answer Her Phone Calls

Maybe that should be a wake up call to Freeland that she and Trudeau aren’t up to the job.

There are many important aspects to being an effective diplomat.

Having a good grasp of key files, having a willingness to listen to others while sticking to core values and principles, and understanding when divergent national interests can (or cannot) be reconciled, are all important aspects of diplomatic success.

But first, you need to get your phone calls answered.

And unfortunately for Chrystia Freeland, China doesn’t even see it as necessary to pick up the phone and answer her requests for a meeting.

That’s how bad things have gotten, and how badly Trudeau and Freeland have failed. It’s not just that Canada can’t get a meeting with the Communist China government, but we can’t even get our phone calls answered to have our meeting requests rejected.

As a result, as Ezra Levant noted on Twitter, Chrystia Freeland is now having to go on the radio and beg for a meeting:

“Canada’s foreign minister has taken to going on the radio to beg Chinese diplomats, if they’re listening, to return her calls.

On par for the woman who thought the Chinese nickname for Trudeau, Little Potato, was a compliment.

At least she didn’t cry, like she did in Belgium.”

It’s sad and pathetic.

And as I’ve said before, if Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau had even an ounce of self-awareness, they would realize how horribly they’ve failed, and how obvious it is that they just don’t have what it takes to stand up for Canada’s national interests on the world stage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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There was a time that Canada wasn’t Laughed At for its Leadership’


Any time before the 2015 elections.


For many decades now, our politicians have voiced their opinions on deaf ears to look good for the media.
China does not need Canada and have many other countries to economically exploit.


It would sure be appreciated if we could up-vote, Spencer. Lots might agree ( or disagree ) but don’t necessarily want to comment.

It doesn’t even seem to register on Trudeau and his Liberals regarding the opinion other countries have of them. They seem to live in their own self aggrandized bubble. They have damaged Canada’s image, standing and relevance on the world stage and unfortunately, it reflects on all of us. China openly insults them and it simply doesn’t register.

Moe S.

How unprofessional and undiplomatic of Freeland. Acting like some jilted high schoolish girl who’s hanging around waiting for the phone that will never ring. My God, she’s pathetic.

Clive Edwards

Maybe now Canada will stop arresting foreign nationals who aren’t criminals.


And piss-off the USA instead? This is where a real leader would have weighed the pros and cons and took the best decision for the country, not just for virtue signaling.


Memories of economist and all-around common sense engineer Stephen Harper’s years in office are looking pretty attractive compared to this disaster master and his ill-fitting crew.


“Maybe that should be a wake-up call to Freeland that she and Trudeau aren’t up to the job,” is truly a wasted thought. Both have egos too big to recognize reality and specifically reality as it applies to themselves. Either or both, together or separate, are no less than embarrassments to Canada and proud Canadians. To witness such antics on the public stage is, to say the least, embarrassing to the extreme and even more embarrassing, is the reality that neither of them has the intellectual capacity to recognize that reality.