Conservatives Will Balance Budget Within 5 Years Says Scheer

Previously, Scheer had called for balancing the budget within two years, but that was before the Liberals totally blew up the budget with endless projected deficits.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Conservatives will balance the budget within five year of taking office.

In a speech to the Canadian Club in Vancouver, Scheer said “Even the most optimistic projections don’t have the Liberals balancing the budget for 20 more years, meaning the Liberals would add to the debt every year for the next two decades. But if Canadians elected a Conservative government this fall, we will balance the budget in a quarter of that time.”

Scheer had previously said the Conservatives would balance the budget in two years.

Notably however, he said that in early 2017, before the Trudeau Liberals had embarked on the road of endless deficits, and when they were still at least sometimes pretending to be focused on balancing the budget.

While Scheer will certainly take some heat for pushing back his balanced budget pledge, he deserves credit for reacting to changing circumstances, and for being willing to admit to the change before taking power.

That’s quite unlike the Liberals, who stuck to their ‘3 years of small deficits’ line all the way through the election, and then broke their promise once they had already won.

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Go Andrew Scheer and all you great Conservative, make us a country to be proud of again!!!
(you are so very brave to follow this corrupt government, you must have a majority so we can put Canada back together again)


I totally agree Nancy. I wish him all the luck and he is sure going to need it if he plans to balance this budget. We are so far in debt in this country it will take a miracle to undue the damage done. That being said, when Sheer becomes PM people need to realize the issues are not going to disappear over night and we must give him the time he needs to make things right. Trudeau is more well liked than people realize. I spoke to someone just the other day who made the comment that it does… Read more »

old white guy

Andrew, give me a call, as a one time staunch conservative I could balance the budget in one year.

Thomas Tass

Mr. Scheer needs to be honest about the deficit. Five year may be too optimistic. The Liberals have driven the country into an economic wonderland that no qualified economist is capable of deciphering. Only when the a new government has a look at the books will Canadian know the truth. It may take more than 5 years to balance the budget and Mr. Scheer should prepare Canadians for that now.


One could halt future promised money to be given away FACT Billions halt UN money corruption

Gordon Stevenson

I think Scheer should hold back on this promise, Trudeau hasn’t finished spending yet.


Debt and budget are totally different things and there is no excuse for any politician not to balance their budget every person, business etc has to live within their means


I know it is a tactic but I am tired of politicians needing more than the four years for their promises. It is fairly naive to rally for five years when he will only have four if he doesn’t lead Canada. Scheer has shown to be no leader but relying on polls for his decisions. I still don’t trust him regardless if he is better than Trudeau, still to be debated. I look at decades of Conservative power, like the other parties, and how Canada is not united or even competive with markets in our resources. How inept are our… Read more »


I’m hoping the first thing he does is investigate Trudeau and his cronies and have them all charged! That for an election platform would surely get him more votes!!!!!