GROSS: Days After Being Named To Trudeau’s Corrupt Media Bailout Panel, Unifor Attacks Andrew Scheer

Incredibly dangerous.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals continue trying to claim that their $600 MILLION media bailout is all about being ‘unbiased.’

Yet, nobody believes that claim.

That’s because the claim is a total lie.

If anyone wasn’t sure about that, the lie was made clear when the Trudeau government appointed Unifor to the panel picking who gets the bailout money.

Unifor has called itself ‘The Resistance’ to Andrew Scheer, and are actively campaigning against him.

And now, they’re attacking him on Twitter as “unift to lead.”

“If @AndrewScheer doesn’t understand the connection between a strong media and its role in preserving our democracy then he is unfit to lead.”

Let’s think about what this means:

A group that will choose which media orgs get bailed out with massive amount of taxpayers money is now attacking the Leader of the Opposition and saying he is “unfit to lead.”

That means the Trudeau government is actively using our tax dollars to take control of the media and use it as a government-dominated propaganda tool to suppress dissent and defeat the Conservatives.

It’s absolutely gross, and it’s total destruction of the Freedom of the Press.

The only thing protecting freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Canada now are people like you reading this website, and people like me who don’t take taxpayers money and aren’t government-controlled.

All Canadians should be disturbed by what’s happening, and need to stand together against Trudeau’s attempt to take control over the media.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

There should be a law against using taxpayers money to bribe the crooked media


It looks like the media bribe is already paying off. Folks, this is what communism looks like.


How many times has justin Trudeau blamed or seem to pass the blame onto his own mps and the media to clean up his own mess. The unifor may think Trudeau likes them, he is using them so whatever they are given order to do for justin and things turn ugly, Trudeau can blame the unifor for the mess when actually it is Trudeau who is to blame for it.
In other words, the liberal mps, Unifor and the media are willing to take the heat and the fall for Justin while he walks away.

alan skelhorne

can you imagine, the president of the union his handing out the 600 million, really Canadians, time to wake up.. how about the 75 year old woman that was pushed to the ground, nothing in the main media on that one.

Jay mack

I guess all we can hope for it will have the opposite effect. Trudeau is pretty g d stupid


Can’t wait for the list of Trudeau’s trusted lap dogs.


Spencer, Canada needs more of you, thank you for getting the truth out and being FOR Canada.

Even when Andrew Scheer gets elected, this same media will constantly lie, as they did to PM Harper, just like the democrats(Liberals) do to Pres. Trump and our media does it too.

There used to be laws when news papers etc slandered and lied, they were charged and paid fines and had to retract the lies, we need those “honesty” laws stronger and back in place. because as we see we can not trust a lot of the media they are so undemocratic.

peter black

This is a huge step toward implementation of ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNISM. Get control of the media- put McKenna on social media to rant and rave about the world coming to an end. Many many Canadians absolutely trust the darling CBC and CTV and will suck this crap into their brains.

David Henley

is there not a law that says political parties cannot use tax dollars in an election. But this is just another law broken by Trudeau that Scheer seems to be completley out of the picture on.

Diane DiFlorio

It was the renowned American news reporter and anchor Walter Cronkite who observed, “Freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy.”

Thomas Tass

The utterly corrupt Liberal party and their disgusting gang of disingenuous shameless reprobates needs to be removed from office in October. As for any media group or union that took the money from the aforementioned they are just as disgusting.


Your last comment could well have been worded: “All Canadians need to be concerned about Trudeau and the Liberal government — as well as the Liberal Party of Canada.” Indeed, in my view, if we manage to topple our wannabe dictator in October, the Liberal Party of Canada, having clearly demonstrated its willingness to support treason and aid in the potential destruction of our country, should immediately be banned forever as a Canadian political party. Treason by a citizen is one thing, but treason supported by a whole political party is another thing and justifies my comment above.

Shawn Harris

Citizens musn’t be fooled by a government and its leader, that says that we are protecting us all from racist, hateful fear mongering disinformation. By declaring in legislation, that the same media that helped to bring them to power is now corrupted untrustworthy and must be regulated and government approved; Trudeau has set up a dangerous and destructive situation, whereby he can use his favoured and approved media to manipulate, divide and distract the voting public from his scandals, deceptions, and hidden agenda. An agenda that includes transforming Canada into his favoured communist country Cuba, with him as dictator; declaring… Read more »


How is Canada going to recover from such brainwashing manipulation from the main stream media? Is it to late for this present generation?!