GROSS: Days After Being Named To Trudeau’s Corrupt Media Bailout Panel, Unifor Attacks Andrew Scheer

Incredibly dangerous.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals continue trying to claim that their $600 MILLION media bailout is all about being ‘unbiased.’

Yet, nobody believes that claim.

That’s because the claim is a total lie.

If anyone wasn’t sure about that, the lie was made clear when the Trudeau government appointed Unifor to the panel picking who gets the bailout money.

Unifor has called itself ‘The Resistance’ to Andrew Scheer, and are actively campaigning against him.

And now, they’re attacking him on Twitter as “unift to lead.”

“If @AndrewScheer doesn’t understand the connection between a strong media and its role in preserving our democracy then he is unfit to lead.”

Let’s think about what this means:

A group that will choose which media orgs get bailed out with massive amount of taxpayers money is now attacking the Leader of the Opposition and saying he is “unfit to lead.”

That means the Trudeau government is actively using our tax dollars to take control of the media and use it as a government-dominated propaganda tool to suppress dissent and defeat the Conservatives.

It’s absolutely gross, and it’s total destruction of the Freedom of the Press.

The only thing protecting freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Canada now are people like you reading this website, and people like me who don’t take taxpayers money and aren’t government-controlled.

All Canadians should be disturbed by what’s happening, and need to stand together against Trudeau’s attempt to take control over the media.

Spencer Fernando

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