POLL: Majority Of Ontarians Agree With Ford Government’s Spending Reductions

Despite endless attacks on the Ford Government, most of the public still supports the overall plan of getting spending under control.

There has been much discussion lately about the seemingly high level of opposition to spending reductions being made by the Ontario government.

However, much of that ‘opposition’ has been based upon groups holding protests, as opposed to the views of the general population.

Some have also cited a recent Mainstreet Research poll, which allegedly shows the PCs in third place in Ontario. However, that poll looks like a classic outlier, with results far outside what seems to be happening on the ground.

By contrast, a new survey from Ipsos seems much more realistic.

As reported by Global News Ipsos, it shows that the PCs have fallen somewhat in popular support, with the Ford government polling at 30%, in contrast to the Ontario Liberals and Ontario NDP at 32% and 29% respectively.

Notably, the provincial Liberals don’t have a permanent leader, and political parties often rise in support when there is a leadership vacuum, since everyone can imagine their ideal leader being in the top spot, something that changes when an actual person is elected.

The PCs are also paying the price for the horrific fiscal management of the Ontario Liberals, who left a huge mess to clean up, meaning the people cleaning up the mess often face a lot of anger.

However, one aspect of the Ipsos poll is very important to pay attention to:

52% of Ontario residents say they support the spending reductions being implemented by Ford.

This shows that, despite some anger that may be out there, the Ford government has a mandate to reduce spending.

And it should be pointed out that overall spending is still rising in Ontario, it’s just the pace of that spending rise that has been changed.

Amid all the attacks and misinformation being pushed against the Ford Government, the reality is that Ontarians see the need for spending to be focused on core priorities, and the Ontario government is sticking to that common sense approach.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube