After Admitting To Lying To Canadians, Will Catherine McKenna Be Banned For ‘Spreading Disinformation’ Under Trudeau’s ‘Digital Charter’?

Of course not, the rules are only for Trudeau’s opponents.

As we saw earlier, Catherine McKenna admitted – on video – about the strategy she uses to lie to the Canadian People:

“If you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that’s your talking point, people will totally believe it!”

So, Catherine McKenna has clearly admitted to her strategy for spreading disinformation.

And combatting ‘disinformation’ is one of the things the Trudeau Liberals claim their new ‘Digital Charter’ is all about.

It follows then that McKenna would be banned for spreading disinformation, right?

Of course not.

The rules don’t apply to people like McKenna, Trudeau, and the other corrupt government elites.

The rules only apply to us, regular Canadians who share our opinions and perspectives.

When the government claims to be fighting ‘disinformation,’ what they really mean is trying to suppress information they don’t agree, and information that challenges their power.

Despite their endless lies, the Trudeau Liberals will never face any banning or any threat of being shut off from communicating with the public. They will be allowed to keep spreading their deception and they will keep trying to manipulate Canadians, while wielding the cudgel of the state against any who ‘dare’ oppose them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gerri Page

King Trudeau will apologize for her and that will be it-no recriminations. Same old same old.


This strategy has been around for decades – lazy, stupid people fall for it and if gullible children are used to repeat it then it has an even greater impact.

Trevor Marr

Busted!!! Remember Cathy, Climate Bullying is a Sin! Is it October yet? Vote Smarter Canada! You know what to do!!!

Raymond of Canada

Could it be called a lie when she said that icebergs off Canada’s east coast could be very dangerous? This is due to climate change?

Eric Blair

What I found interesting in her comments was the line “we learned it in the House of Commons”. This to me indicates that Liberal front benchers were taught or trained by someone to not answer questions in Question Period but to deflect and repeat some talking points as the answer. I knew something was up as they all do it from Trudeau on down the line. McKenna just gave the game away in her tipsy video. So who is behind this? Trudeau is simply not smart enough and that probably goes for the rest of them. They must have hired… Read more »

Solar Clapson


David MacKAY

Wow – that means that if the Trudeau Government puts out Fake News as in “disinformation” than that type of Fake news is permissible.
The problem with that is when real facts contradict the Trudeau Fake News.
Then the Real Facts will have to be banned?

Tim Orum

Someone out there is deadly serious about destroying Western Culture. They have been very successful in the UK and that corruption has now spread into the US, Australia, Canada, and other parts of Western Europe.


It is a good thing, that this October, we can send the Trudeau Government to the dustbin of History. And say good riddance!


It’s what some would call brainwashing . She really needs to resign.