ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY: With His Media Bailout, Justin Trudeau Is Attempting To Rig The Next Election

By making the people who report on the campaign beholden to the Trudeau Liberals, Justin Trudeau is engaging in obvious Election Interference.

The Trudeau Liberals have been making a big deal about foreign ‘election interference,’ though their legislation to ‘combat’ it doesn’t actually stop the groups that have been helping the Liberals with foreign money.

But, it seems the real election interference is happening domestically, and is in fact being led by the Trudeau government itself.

That’s because Justin Trudeau’s corrupt media bailout is a clear attempt to rig the next election in his favour.

We realize that by attempting to co-opt the media, putting over half a billion dollars in the control of government and then giving that money to media the government approves of, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are seeking to control the coverage of the next election.

Considering how much the media narrative can impact elections, and considering how it’s simply human nature that taking money from the government will make people more beholden too and more supportive of the government that gave them the money, it is beyond doubt that the Trudeau Liberals are engaging in election interference on a massive scale.

It is a subversion of democracy, and a serious attack on Freedom of the Press.

If the government gets away with it, there is no going back, and our democracy will have been manipulated and altered to such a massive degree that it won’t even be recognizable.

Canadians of all political stripes must stand together and oppose Trudeau’s corrupt media bailout.

Nothing less than the future of our democracy is at stake.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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It is time for Canadian voters to stand against the manipulation of our electoral system and our eroding Democracy. This Liberal government is corrupt and will do anything, including changing the laws as well as other things in order to win the next election. Remember that if Trudeau and his band of thugs get back into power, we can kiss our democratic freedom goodbye.


Ok. Agreed from the beginning. Is there a legal challenge to get an injunction?


This should be corruption and fraud, and with our tax dollars and Canadians debt do we really have no laws? Why aren’t the RCMP intervening, do we have no law enforcement are they bought out now too?, we’re pretty sure that the head of the military is. This is the most important election Canada will ever have, for a real democracy we only have one party to vote for, Conservatives, the other fraudulent UN parties by the ruling greedy elites are for dictatorships and communism, the end of Canada (post national UN state) as a real democracy just will not… Read more »

Shawn Harris

And this is what Canada has become, a mafia state and Trudeau as its mafia leader.Trudeau is all too willing to offer what is called in our legal system a bribe, all dressed up to give the appearance of help to a struggling media. Well, for as long as there has been newspapers, they have come and gone and no government up to now has ever been so audacious and corrupt as the Trudeau government is now, to turn what should be an arm’s length offer of help into an “offer they can’t refuse”, said Don Corleon/Trudeau. Canada and Canadians… Read more »


If only we can get our heads together and brainstorm solutions because this brotherhood works together and we don’t! and get a united front? Is anyone at least opened and willing to leave their ego aside? hopefully soon.