Emboldened By Appointment To Trudeau Media Bailout Panel, Unifor Boss Dias Escalates Attack On Scheer

The Trudeau Liberals keep doubling down on the appointment of Unifor to the corrupt media bailout panel, and as a result, Dias feels like there are no limits to how far he can go demonizing the Conservatives.

If the Trudeau government and Unifor wanted to actually prove that the corrupt media bailout panel was ‘un-biased,’ then they would refrain from attacking Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives.

Instead, they’re doing the exact opposite.

In fact, Unifor boss Jerry Dias appears to have been emboldened by the appointment of Unifor to the bailout panel, as he is now escalating his attacks on Andrew Scheer.

First, Unifor tweeted an attack on Scheer, saying he is ‘unfit for office.’

And now, Dias is attacking Scheer in a column in the Toronto Sun:

To get a sense of Dias’ rampant anti-Scheer bias, here’s how he concluded his editorial:

“Does Scheer really believe his own rhetoric? Does he really want to see the demise of our Fourth Estate? Scheer puts the very principles of truth and democracy at risk with this own brand of fake news.

He should be ashamed of himself.”

What makes this so appalling is that Dias keeps doubling down on the exact reason people are so angry about the appointment of Unifor – their rampant bias against Conservatives.

Every time Dias and Unifor tweets an attack on Scheer, they only confirm what Canadians have known all along: Justin Trudeau’s media bailout is an attempt to subvert democracy, control the media, and rig the next election, and Unifor is complicit in that dangerous agenda.

Spencer Fernando

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