Conservatives Maintain Lead Over Liberals In New Poll

More Canadians also open to voting Conservative than for any other party.

The latest Nanos Poll shows the Conservatives maintaining a lead over the Liberals.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives – 34.8%

Liberals – 29.2%

NDP – 15.6%

Greens – 11.5%

Bloc – 4.7%

People’s – 1.6%

In addition to the lead in direct voting intention, the Conservatives lead in terms of the most potential for further growth.

46.1% of Canadians say they would ‘consider’ voting Conservative. By comparison, 44.7% say they would consider voting Liberals, 37.5% would consider voting NDP, 35.9% would consider voting Green, and 8.9% would consider voting for the People’s Party. In Quebec, 34.5% say they are open to voting for the separatist Bloc.

For a long time, the Nanos poll had shown the Liberals in the lead, even when other polls showed the Liberals trailing the Conservatives. Recently however, there has been a noticeable shift, with Liberals support dropping to around 30% (give or take a few points in either direction), and the Conservatives maintaining a lead.

While the election is still far off and nothing can be taken for granted – especially with Trudeau’s Corrupt Media Bailout attempting to rig coverage of the election – it’s clear that there has been lasting damage to the Liberal brand, and the Conservatives have an opportunity to capitalize on that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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As a journalist, I can assure you that receiving any support from the government will not change my reporting. You aware that news magazines already get support from the government. Such as MacLean’s which had negative coverage about both SNC Lavalin and Wilson-Raybould.

Elizabeth Thorne

Nick the Liberal will be shocked when the libs end up with no party status, Canadians have had enough.