DISTURBING: Speaking At House Of Commons Committee, ‘Adviser’ Tells MPs To Use Government Power To Shut Down Social Media

With the elites losing control over the narrative, they’re now straight up demanding authoritarianism.

We always knew the elites would panic if they lost control of their information monopoly.

And with the establishment media increasingly challenged by social media – which gives individual citizens the ability to share our opinions far and wide – the elites are getting more desperate than ever before.

That desperation can be seen in the corrupt media bailout Trudeau is pushing, as he seeks to put the government in control of what is ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ news.

And now, Canadian MPs – along with foreign MPs visiting Canada for a disturbing gathering of politicians trying to suppress free speech – are being told to SHUT DOWN social media entirely.

That’s what former Facebook ‘adviser’ and elitist investor Roger McNamme is saying:

“If your goals are to protect democracy and personal liberty, you have to be bold. You have to force a radical transformation of the business model of internet platforms. At the end of the day, though, the most effective path to reform would be to shut down the platforms at least temporarily. …. Any country can go first. The platforms have left you no choice. The time has come to call their bluff.”

Deeply disturbing stuff.

Protect democracy and personal liberty by using government authority to ban social media?

What is that guy talking about?

The elites are now advocating authoritarianism, and they’re doing it out in the open. Imagine the combination of a social media ban, and a bailout of the establishment media that would be totally dependent on the government.

Free speech would be fully destroyed.

Controlling the media and shutting down alternative sources of information is exactly what Communists, Fascists, and all authoritarians try to do, and if we thought it couldn’t happen here, we need to think again.

Spencer Fernando


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