The Liberals Keep Lying To Canadians. Why Should They Be Allowed To Regulate Social Media?

If the Liberals had to live up to the standards they apply to others, they would have to ban themselves.

“The budget will balance itself.”

“Three years of small deficits.”

“Budget balanced in 2019.”

“Carbon tax would be revenue neutral.”

“No tax hikes on the middle class.”

“Lifelong pensions for Veterans.”

“Strengthening the military.’

“MPs free to represent their constituents.”

“Sunny Ways.”

“Positive Politics.”

“Most transparent government ever.”

“Most open government ever.”

“The Aga Khan is a close personal friend.”

“The 2015 election will be the last election under the First Past The Post system.”

“Canada’s back!”

“Say our talking points louder and keep repeating them and people will believe it!”

Those are just some of the many lies perpetrated against the Canadian People. That last line is courtesy of Catherine McKenna, who (while apparently inebriated) gave away her ‘strategy’ for lying to Canadians.

The entire Liberal tenure has been one lie after another, with the government showing contempt for Canadians, and believing that their past words are somehow meaningless.

Promises are made.

Promises are broken.

Lies, lies and more lies emanate from the mouths of Trudeau and his cronies.

Yet, these same people who have treated Canadians so horribly, and have repeatedly lied to us, somehow feel that they should be allowed to regulate social media.

@Lumberist on Twitter summed up this hypocrisy well:

“This is a complete joke. One of the most dishonest governments in Canadian history is implementing this.

On a daily basis it’s the @liberal_party planting fake news & then multiple MP’s repeat it. Who regulates them? Nobody.

We all know this to be true.”

All those lies and broken promises I listed above are things the Liberals said on social media.

So, if they’re so worried about ‘social media disinformation,’ they should start by banning themselves.

The Liberals simply have ZERO credibility when it comes to honesty, and therefore cannot be trusted to use government power over social media.

The fact that they keep pushing for more and more regulation shows that this is really about shutting down tools that Canadians can use to bypass government propaganda.

Just like with their media bailout, the Trudeau Liberals are desperate for control, and they’re simultaneously seeking to co-opt the media into a relationship of government dependency, while threatening social media companies into doing their bidding.

It’s an anti-democratic, anti-free speech agenda, and we need to fight back against it. If the Liberals aren’t stopped, then Freedom of Expression, which is a key part of what makes up the soul of Canada, will be lost.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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