WEAKNESS: Chrystia Freeland Still Can’t Get A Phone Call With China’s Foreign Minister

As Canadians have seen, the weak approach of the Trudeau government towards China has left us with no leverage, and no respect.

Chrystia Freeland, who recently took to the radio to beg for a phone call with China’s foreign minister, still can’t get that call.

Speaking to the House of Commons foreign affairs committee, Freeland said, “I would be happy at any time to have a direct conversation with Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister. We have been clear with the Chinese authorities that we are prepared for that conversation at any time.”

But there has been no meeting.

China’s foreign minister isn’t answering Canada’s calls.

And in Freeland’s remarks above, you can see the problem:

China is arbitrarily detaining Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig on obviously-fabricated charges of ‘spying.’

China has used a false pretext to ban Canadian canola shipments.

In short, China is treating Canada with total contempt and disrespect.

Meanwhile, Freeland keeps saying Canada ‘won’t escalate’ or ‘retaliate,’ and keeps asking for a meeting ‘anytime.’

By begging for a meeting whenever China wants one, and by refusing to retaliate, Freeland is putting herself, and Canada in a subservient and weak position. And when bullies see weakness and subservience, they are emboldened even further.

Freeland and Trudeau are flailing around pathetically, and clearly have no idea how to respond to China. Their only ‘strategy’ seems to be to act ‘nice,’ take no retaliatory action, and hope the ruthless Communist government in China will somehow transform into a paragon of kindness and compassion.

But that’s not how the world works, and the longer Freeland and Trudeau are in charge of our foreign policy, the weaker and more vulnerable Canada becomes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube