DIAS BIAS: Jerry Dias To Further Escalate Anti-Scheer Campaign, Says “I’m Probably Going To Make It Worse”

And Trudeau quoted Dias in question period, spitting in the faces of Canadians outraged by the media bailout and Unifor’s inclusion on the bailout panel.

In the face of mounting criticism, Unifor head Jerry Dias says he’s going to escalate his anti-Scheer campaign:

“I’m probably going to make it worse. He’s really irritating me the last few days,” said Dias.

Dias’ move to escalate the campaign comes as Justin Trudeau twice quoted Dias in question period as supporting what the Trudeau government is doing.

Trudeau has also refused to take Unifor of the Corrupt Media Bailout panel, instead accusing the Conservatives of attacking the media.

By refusing to remove Unifor from the panel, and by quoting Dias, Trudeau is spitting in the faces of Canadians who are outraged by the obvious attempt to turn the media into a tool of the state.

Trudeau is now going full steam ahead with his effort to crush Freedom of the Press, and he acts more and more like a dictator every day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Yes, Trudeau is acting more and more like a dictator every day. One example is the abortion issue, in which pro life views are shut out. The government demands obedience in their pro abortion agenda in order for groups (primarily religious ones) to get summer grant funding.

Now Trudeau and the liberals will continue to smear Andrew Scheer and others who oppose their far left agenda. October cannot come fast enough.


They are not the Resistance. They are the Establishment.


Canadians are hating trudeau and all his Liberals more every day. There isn’t a single Liberal member I have any positive opinion about.


Ok we have a union boss representing news reporters with access to the staff that can spread their bias reporting to the nation of Canada and beyond. Well seems to me we the people have control of our own remote controls and the ability to determine which networks are involved and simply change the channel. I do not know how these networks figure the size of the viewing audience but it has to affect the advising clients paying for expensive air time. Say I.


I rarely watch TV anymore and only watch parts of the News on TV. I can’t stand how far to the left the news and TV programs have become.


Won’t do them any good. I think people have already made up their minds and it’s not Trudeau.

John Baldassarra

Dias is a big mouth, who rants and raves about nothing, he wont have a job soon thanks to Trudeau but he backs him?? lmfao poetic justice

Shawn Harris

Trudeau by supporting, yes, even endorsing Dias, he has declared war , not just on Scheer and the Conservatives , but upon all, canadians that won’t or refuse to swallow the Trudeau media lies and crap. Being PM means you have to govern Canada for the benefit of Canada and Canadians, not just for yourself personally or for his Liberals party, yet that is what Trudeau is doing and will continue to do. Trudeau has to be stopped now and not be given another chance to complete the ruination of Canada.


Whatever your political leanings, I think that it’s important for Canadians to do their own research, independent of news outlets and social media. Try to not get caught up in all of the mud-slinging and fake news. Ignorance is what allows Trudeau to administer some of his horrendous policies, and for people to be too emotionally invested in partisan nonsense such as name-calling and indiscriminately assigning blame. Some are more concerned with calling someone a “snowflake” , for instance, than cooperating to find a solution to any given problem. This is , as Canadians, our fault for allowing our elected… Read more »

Barbara Kelly

Scheer will not be elected as for that to happen you have to have backbone. Nice guy certainly not a leader though. We sure do not need a Conservative as PM as well as the clown we have as Premier!

Gordon jackson

If that comment about escalating an “anti-Scheer” campaign is correct, he and his company should be immediately removed from any mediation role in deciding who should received our taxpayer support. The headline is so outlandish that it is hard to believe he actually said this. Then again, remember what Climate Barbie said on her short video about repeating and raising your voice to make a lie believable.