DIAS BIAS: Jerry Dias To Further Escalate Anti-Scheer Campaign, Says “I’m Probably Going To Make It Worse”

And Trudeau quoted Dias in question period, spitting in the faces of Canadians outraged by the media bailout and Unifor’s inclusion on the bailout panel.

In the face of mounting criticism, Unifor head Jerry Dias says he’s going to escalate his anti-Scheer campaign:

“I’m probably going to make it worse. He’s really irritating me the last few days,” said Dias.

Dias’ move to escalate the campaign comes as Justin Trudeau twice quoted Dias in question period as supporting what the Trudeau government is doing.

Trudeau has also refused to take Unifor of the Corrupt Media Bailout panel, instead accusing the Conservatives of attacking the media.

By refusing to remove Unifor from the panel, and by quoting Dias, Trudeau is spitting in the faces of Canadians who are outraged by the obvious attempt to turn the media into a tool of the state.

Trudeau is now going full steam ahead with his effort to crush Freedom of the Press, and he acts more and more like a dictator every day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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