Liberal ‘Backdoor Gun Registry’ Passes Senate

Conservatives say they will repeal it, and focus on going after gangs, instead of imposing more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

Bill C-71 has passed the Senate, meaning the bill dubbed by many as a ‘backdoor gun registry’ will become law.

The legislation imposes something that is very much a ‘gun registry’ in another form, by requiring a 20-year inventory database that police are able to access.

Critics of the bill have pointed out that the legislation itself doesn’t even mention gangs once, and continues the Liberal approach of restricting the rights of law-abiding Canadians while doing nothing to address the real source of gun crime – criminals.

Conservative Pierre Paul-Hus said Bill C-71 would be repealed by a Conservative government, and that they would focus on going after gangs and illegal gun smuggling:

“Imposing a backdoor gun registry does nothing to keep Canadians safe. Not only does it fail to address gang violence or target gang criminals, but the word ‘gang’ does not even appear in the bill. A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will get tough on gangs, give law enforcement the tools they need to keep Canadians safe and crack down on illegal gun smuggling. And we will repeal C-71 once and for all.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube