SNC-Lavalin To Stand Trial, Further Discrediting Trudeau PMO Interference

Company faces decade-long ban from government contracts.

SNC-Lavalin will be forced to stand trial, following a ruling from a Quebec judge.

The judge ruled that government prosecutors possess enough evidence – the specifics of which cannot be reported due to a publication ban – to bring the company to trial.

The trial will revolve around accusations that the company committed fraud and bribed government officials in Libya.

If convicted, SNC-Lavalin could face a 10-year ban from bidding for government contracts.

This news further discredits the Trudeau PMO, who repeatedly interfered in an attempt to get SNC-Lavalin a ‘deferred prosecution agreement’ to avoid trial. Now that it’s clear there is enough evidence to bring SNC-Lavalin to trial, it looks even more like the Trudeau PMO was trying to bypass the justice system and give a sweetheart deal to a massive company to avoid accountability.

Notably, the Trudeau Liberals could still bypass the system and give SNC-Lavalin a deferred prosecution agreement. Of course, doing that at this point would be an absolute outrage, and would likely backfire massively.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube