Trudeau Liberals Humiliated As They Release Statement Accusing Andrew Scheer Of ‘Extreme Anti-Immigration Rhetoric’ BEFORE He Delivers Pro-Immigration Speech & Denounces Racism

Another pathetic attempt at fear-mongering by the Trudeau Liberals.

The Trudeau Liberals humiliated themselves by engaging in a transparently bad and pathetic attempt at fear-mongering.

With Andrew Scheer set to give a speech on immigration, Trudeau Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen issued a statement saying “Andrew Scheer has embraced the same sort of extreme right wing anti-immigration rhetoric that has become pervasive among right-wing populist parties around the world.”

Here’s the problem.

That statement was issued BEFORE Scheer actually delivered his speech.

And when Scheer delivered the speech, it became clear just how wrong the Liberals were.

Scheer delivered a speech that was pro-immigration, supporting legal immigration to Canada, welcoming people of every background to join the Canadian family, and clearly denouncing racism, telling prejudiced people “there’s the door, you’re not welcome here.”

As David Akin noted on Twitter, the Liberal statement was “hard to match” with what Scheer actually said:

“Just saw this statement issued by #LPC Immigration Min @HonAhmedHussen “Andrew Scheer has embraced the same sort of extreme right wing anti-immigration rhetoric that has become pervasive among right-wing populist parties around the world.” Hard to match that with this video clip”

The Liberals fear-mongering is absolutely pathetic, and it’s filled with nothing but lies.

They are so desperate that they aren’t even waiting to see what Scheer says and responding to it, they are instead ‘responding’ to stuff they’re just making up out of thin air.

In reality, Scheer issued a reasonable and balanced speech, calling for stronger action against illegal border crossings, and support the system of legal immigration into Canada that the Trudeau Liberals have been wrecking.

Yet, the Liberals aren’t living in reality. They’re living in a world where they feel their lies will magically turn into reality, and Canadians need to make sure that the Liberals pay the price for their pathetic lies.

Spencer Fernando

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Thomas Tass

Smear and fear that is the best the Liberals can do besides lying.


Well done Spencer. Libs are desperate and failing fast.

old white guy

Good grief, the average Canadian needs a brain transplant, from one of their ancestors if possible.

Don Taylor

Liberals are always shooting their mouths off before the facts prove them wrong


I’ve been saying I believe Trudeau and the liberals will run the most negative, nasty campaign ever and attempt to smear Andrew Sheer at every opportunity. The reason for this is because they have nothing positive to run on. Only fear. And I believe it will backfire.

As for Sheer’s speech, good for him. I also support legal immigration but those living here illegally should be deported. We need a strong border.

Eric Blair

Maybe, just maybe, the Liberals were leaked the speech beforehand. Trouble is the speech they got was a deception, full of stuff that the liberals would run with in their condemnation of Scheer. Looks like they fell for it.


Just say it really loud and often and people will actually believe it, Mr. Hussen.


Better late than never. I have to stop and wonder why we need any Immigration legal or not.The immigrants are not the same as years ago.Today they come to our country broke and almost all that are legal still need taxpayer dollars.We won’t get into the burden of illegals costing taxpayers millions. I have to ask the question?Who benefits from immigration.Certainly not the taxpayer,not the people of the country needing jobs specially our college and university students that work full and part time to make ends meet.The libtard gov is who benefits by using them for voting.If you have a… Read more »