Ban Huawei From Canada’s 5G Networks Says Rogers Vice-Chairman

“The idea of Huawei controlling, or potentially controlling our communication system in Canada is crazy, I don’t think they should be allowed to,” says Philip Lind.

Hockey Night in Canada has China-controlled Huawei as one of their sponsors.

That relationship was signed by Rogers, and Rogers has said – despite growing tensions between Canada and the Communist State – that the relationship will continue.

And yet, the Vice-Chairman of Rogers is calling for Huawei to be banned from Canada’s 5G networks.

Speaking to BNN Bloomberg, Philip Lind says Huawei is too big a risk:

“The idea of Huawei controlling, or potentially controlling our communication system in Canada is crazy. I don’t think they should be allowed to.”

Lind is 100% correct, and deserves praise for having the courage to say what more Canadian business leader should be saying.

And yet, the Trudeau Liberals still refuse to take action to ban Huawei, even as some of our top allies like the United State and New Zealand have taken swift action to protect their networks from Huawei’s potential spying and Communist-controlled influence.

Meanwhile, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has called for Huawei to be banned, advocating a tough approach that contrasts with the pathetic weakness of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thomas Tass

A very courageous position taken by a senior member of Rogers management. Wow.

andrew richards

Not to mention the whole 5G “thing” needs more looking at as I have read about health concerns

Norbert Kausen

I am in TOTAL agreement!!!

Exiled Maritimer

And yet when you go to the Rogers site what phone do you see at the top of the list? Huawei P30 Pro
If he wants to be taken seriously then he should join a boycott of all Huawei products- if only in solidary against a country that kidnaps our citizens


You are Right Exiled Maritimer these people that allow us citizens being kidnaped by any communist country should be tried for treason.They are not conducting business but rather selling themselves and the country to the ones who want to destroy our democratic system.