VIDEO: Senator Linda Frum Asks Why Trudeau Government Is Calling Richmond Hill Explosive Arrests A “Local Matter,” Despite Fact That FBI Is Investigating It

Yet again we see the Trudeau Liberals put political correctness ahead of the safety of the Canadian People.

As I previously reported, father and son Reza Mohammadiasl and Mahyar Mohammadiasl – who reside in Richmond Hill – were arrested for possessing explosive devices and a detonator.

In what seems to be a potential incident of a thwarted terrorist plot, there is clearly a ‘national security’ issue here.

Yet, in another example of their obsessive political correctness, the Trudeau government has repeatedly said that it’s just a ‘local matter.’

However – as pointed out by Senator Linda Frum – the FBI is investigating the arrests, making it obviously much more than a local issue.

You can watch Frum’s comments below:

“Two weeks ago we learned that two individuals were arrested in Richmond Hill, Ontario for possessing explosives. We now know that the FBI is involved. Today I asked Senator Harder why the Trudeau Government continues to say that this is a “local matter”.”

The Trudeau government is clearly withholding the truth from Canadians, refusing to recognize the threat of terrorism.

By withholding this info, the Trudeau government is putting Canadians at risk, and making our nation less secure.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

It will be a GREAT day in Canada when these ignorant Lieberals are out of power then Canada can start to heal itself from the damage caused by these lying bunch of Liberals

Maureen Henderson

Is there no way we can get him out before Oct.? It may be too late .i fear for our country.


Obviously they’re Liberals.


We are headed for the break up of Canada at best, civil war more likely.