WATCH: Lisa Raitt Slams Trudeau For Trying To ‘Stack The Deck’ Ahead Of Election

Conservatives rip Trudeau for “giving influence to Liberal-friendly union.”

Justin Trudeau continues facing extensive criticism for his decision to put Unifor on the Corrupt Media Bailout panel.

Not only has Trudeau repeatedly quoted Unifor as a government ‘ally’ in the House of Commons, but his actions have also emboldened Unifor head Jerry Dias to double down on his Anti-Scheer campaign, saying he may even make the campaign “worse.”

Trudeau is spitting in the face of Canadians by expecting us to believe that his media bailout is somehow ‘non-partisan,’ while it’s obviously an attempt by Trudeau to turn the entire establishment media into a tool of his government.

As many people – including myself – have said, Justin Trudeau is basically trying to rig the election.

In Question Period, Lisa Raitt slammed Trudeau for trying to stack the deck ahead of the upcoming vote.

“Watch @lraitt hold Justin Trudeau accountable for stacking the deck in the upcoming election.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thomas Tass

It is becoming crystal clear that Canada is lead by Liberals who are shameless and corrupt. October may be too late to save democracy as we once knew it.


Love Lisa Raitt, and the Conservatives. Common sense for Canada to remain a united country and to remain an equally fair, law abiding and upholding , hard working, fiscally responsible, once again the best good country to live in the world. Vote FOR Canada.


Now that Diaz is officially campaigning for the Liberals, every dollar spent by him could be considered a campaign contribution. Every. Single. Dollar. It doesn’t matter what for. Every interview will have a value, every meal, every hotel room, every cell phone call, every taxi trip – all will have a value, and he can be charged for violating Campaign Laws. Are the Union Members willing to pay many many thousands in fines? Will they be covering his lawyer fees? Every dollar is a campaign contribution.

Ken (Kulak)

Much of the media is an integral part of the Liberal Party of Canada. What Unifor is doing should be a crime.


Dictators, must control all things and specifically anything that might advise the public of something less flattering than absolute obedience.