WATCH: Lisa Raitt Slams Trudeau For Trying To ‘Stack The Deck’ Ahead Of Election

Conservatives rip Trudeau for “giving influence to Liberal-friendly union.”

Justin Trudeau continues facing extensive criticism for his decision to put Unifor on the Corrupt Media Bailout panel.

Not only has Trudeau repeatedly quoted Unifor as a government ‘ally’ in the House of Commons, but his actions have also emboldened Unifor head Jerry Dias to double down on his Anti-Scheer campaign, saying he may even make the campaign “worse.”

Trudeau is spitting in the face of Canadians by expecting us to believe that his media bailout is somehow ‘non-partisan,’ while it’s obviously an attempt by Trudeau to turn the entire establishment media into a tool of his government.

As many people – including myself – have said, Justin Trudeau is basically trying to rig the election.

In Question Period, Lisa Raitt slammed Trudeau for trying to stack the deck ahead of the upcoming vote.

“Watch @lraitt hold Justin Trudeau accountable for stacking the deck in the upcoming election.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter