GDP STALL: More Weak Numbers Show Continued Failure Of Trudeau’s Economic Polices

After the massive amount of spending, for Canada to have such low growth is absurd.

The Trudeau government has spent a massive amount of taxpayer money, driving up our debt and deficit.

At times, an infusion of government spending – especially when it’s on tangible infrastructure – can be an economic boost, and can be helpful in the long-term if that infrastructure helps facilitate further economic expansion.

That means it takes a truly special kind of incompetence to run massive deficits and still have weak economic growth.

The latest economic numbers show that Trudeau’s economic policy has been a total failure.

Canada’s GDP ‘grew’ by a pathetic 0.1% in March, and the annualized pace of growth is just 0.4%. Meanwhile, the US is growing at 3.1%.

Making this such a stunningly bad number is that the government spent a whopping $14.9 BILLION in March alone. How do you spend that much money and have zero growth to show for it?

Total incompetence.

This is not just a temporary failure, but it has serious long-term consequences.

We now have nothing but economic stagnation to show for 4 years of budget deficits. Our taxes are up. Our competitiveness is falling.

Canadians will be paying the price for Trudeau’s failed economic policies for many years to come.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube