Andrew Scheer Boots Michael Cooper Off Justice Committee After Controversial Clash With Witness

“Reading the name and quoting the words of the Christchurch shooter, especially when directed at a Muslim witness during a parliamentary hearing, is insensitive and unacceptable,” said Scheer.

Following Conservative MP Michael Cooper’s run in with Faisal Khan Suri – President of the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has removed Cooper from his role on the House of Commons Justice Committee.

During a meeting discussing online hate, Cooper and Suri had clashed. It ended up with Cooper quoting the manifesto of the Christchurch shooter and naming the shooter.

Cooper issued an apology on Twitter in a statement that looks like it was written by Scheer’s office:

“Earlier this week at the Justice committee, I interpreted comments by witness Faisal Khan Suri as linking mainstream conservatism with violent extremism.

In response, I quoted the words of a white supremacist anti-Muslim mass murderer in an ill-advised attempt to demonstrate that such acts are not linked to conservatism.

I absolutely should not have quoted these words nor named the perpetrator. This was a mistake. I apologize to Mr. Suri and to all Canadians. I reiterate that I unequivocally condemn all forms of racism.

I have spoken to my leader Andrew Scheer and we have agreed that I will no longer sit on the Justice committee.”

Scheer commented on Twitter:

“I have spoken with Michael Cooper about comments he made at the Justice committee earlier this week. Having taken the time to review the incident, I have informed him that he will no longer sit on the Justice committee as a consequence. (1/2)”

“Reading the name and quoting the words of the Christchurch shooter, especially when directed at a Muslim witness during a parliamentary hearing, is insensitive and unacceptable. Mr. Cooper has apologized. I accept his apology and I consider the matter closed. (2/2)”

Scheer may face some criticism from some people who could see this as an example of political correctness. Many others will praise him, as there had been many calls for Cooper to be removed from the Committee.

Following a speech in which he discussed a pro-legal immigration vision and denounced racism, and knowing that the Liberals will be looking for any avenue in which to demonize Conservative Canadians, Scheer clearly felt that a swift response was the right course of action.

Also, it could have been worse for Cooper. While he is off the Justice Committee, he remains the Opposition Justice Critic.

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

Justice Committee? What country ?


Scheer is going to lose the election and it is because he is a weak politically correct wannabe – he is giving away a sure political victory to appease the radicals. His legacy will be worse than Joe Clark’s. Pity.

David MacKAY

Scheer is known as “Trudeau Lite”.
Scheer came out of the back room form nowhere to become party leader – a complete unheard of representing the Old “Red Tories” – the leftist Conservatives if you will – the ones that the Reform party overturned .


Scheer is weak and has no backbone.

Ken (Kulak)

So, the secret deputy leader of the Liberal Party was upset. Slowly Andrew’s real colours are showing. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

JD Rogers

Scheer is hyper focused on getting elected, which is all well and good, but does not hesitate to be JT lite when it comes to the PC crowd. I will support him but it gives me no pleasure to vote for such a weak nancy boy.

don morris

JD, yep,I too will vote for Scheer only to get Trudeau the hell out of Office. I have little to NO enthusiasm for the guy. His biggest asset, he isn’t Justin Trudeau.

Elizabeth Thorne

Well, perhaps someone should tell Scheer, he ain’t gonna get the Muslim vote.

Justice Committee? Have all of you become so short-sighted that you cannot see that we do NOT have a justice system, but a LEGAL SYSTEM THAT ISN’T JUST? This was a bad decision on Scheer’s part but he had to make it public for no other GD reason but to satisfy the wimps and weepers and minorities! A terrible decision by dimple cheeks!


Michael Cooper is an Intelligent, No Nonsense MP who I very much enjoy listening to. He always speaks the truth. He said Nothing Racist as far as I, my family and friends are concerned, when we discussed this. How many times have Lieberals made Racist to members of the Conservative Party?? They really should have been Removed by JT, but NEVER were!!