SCMP Article Says China “Will Not Roll Over Like The Canadians”

A sense of how the weak leadership of the Trudeau government is being perceived.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, the weak attitude of Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, and the Liberal government overall in response to China has continuously backfired.

Every time China escalates and launches another assault on our country, the Trudeau Liberals refuse to retaliate.

Instead, they beg again for a meeting, whine about how they can’t get a phone call returned, and make it clear that they won’t escalate in response.

Predictably, the result has been that China simply ups their bullying tactics. After all, they aren’t paying any price for their provocations against us, and they have no reason to fear that there will be a tough response from the Trudeau government, so they keep treating our nation like garbage.

And that is certainly being noticed worldwide.

In an opinion article in the South China Morning Post, Leslie Fong – former editor of the Singapore newspaper ‘The Straits Times,’ had this to say about China in the trade war with the United States, after claiming the US doesn’t understand the depths of nationalist sentiment in the Communist State:

“And so the Trump administration kept turning the screws, only to find that a people who have stood up at long last after being on their knees for so long are determined not to genuflect again – ever. It will understand soon enough that in the face of even the most intense bullying, the Chinese will not roll over like the Canadians or the Japanese.”

Fong’s article continues with the criticism of the US and praise for nationalist sentiment in China, but the relevant part for Canada is what we see above.

It’s not just here at home that Trudeau’s weakness is being noticed, it’s clearly sinking in worldwide.

And that is incredibly dangerous for Canada, because it will further embolden those who oppose our national interests, and will bring further challenges, provocations, insults, and assaults on our country.

The fact that Canada is seen as a nation that rolls over under bullying is no surprise, because that is exactly the message Justin Trudeau is sending.

Trudeau only talks tough when dealing with Canada’s allies (like his grandstanding at the press conference with Mike Pence).

Yet, when it comes to actually taking a stand against China’s horrific detention of 1 million Muslim people in concentration camps, Trudeau has very little to say.

There are many levers by which Canada could retaliate against China, including imposing tariffs on certain products from China, banning foreign homebuyers (as New Zealand has done), banning Huawei, escalating our condemnation of the aforementioned imprisonment of Muslim people by the ruthless Communist regime, and more.

Instead, the Trudeau government is doing none of that, and simply gets on their knees and begs for China to give us a meeting over and over again.

It’s sad, pathetic, and it makes our entire country look weak. And the more that weakness is noticed, the more other countries feel free to act towards us the same way China is.

Weakness has a cost, and that cost is being paid by Canadians as our nation becomes further and further discredited in the eyes of the world because of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Shaw

Every Canadian can do their own small part , as an example I was shopping for patio furniture last week , I took the time to eliminate the made in China products , and it only took a few minutes extra , I did find a better product on line and only a couple of dollars extra for 50% better quality and a warranty that was actually real . So weather shopping for a T-shirt or patio furniture we as individual Canadians can do our own nationalism banning of their cheep , not well made exports Doing our small part… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Leslie Fong is correct – Canada does roll over and piss on its belly – although usually for the amusement of the Americans. Pretty hard to get tough with China when the Tides Foundation, an obvious “straw man” for the U.S. government, keeps Alberta oil “land locked” as a strategic national reserve for the American military.


Maybe. But take Fong with large grain of salt. Fong wrote for years for a government propaganda paper in Singapore and his views parrot government thinking. He’s likely being paid by the Chinese govt to write these types of pieces.

Timothy Hickey

The most effective response Canadians can make in October is to elect 338 Independent of Party members of Parliament to SERVE the Will and Leadership of a Real Majority of Canadians!