Andrew Scheer Says Canada Must “Hold China Accountable” For Fentanyl Flooding Into Our Country

“The main source of illicit fentanyl coming into Canada is from China by containers and through the mail and the majority of it is destined to B.C.,” said Scheer.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is continuing his tough approach towards China.

Following his call for China’s Huawei to be banned from Canada’s 5G networks (which the Vice-Chairman of Rogers is also calling for), Scheer is bringing attention to something the corrupt political elites generally prefer to avoid: China is the source of most of the Fentanyl that is flooding into our country and killing Canadians.

Here’s part of what Scheer said:

“The main source of illicit fentanyl coming into Canada is from China by containers and through the mail and the majority of it is destined to B.C. Now, obviously Canada must stop this flow of fentanyl into Canada. This is all the more urgent since sources have clearly indicated that the issue of imported fentanyl from China will get worse before it gets better. So the government must take real action to hold China accountable for this phenomenon.”

Scheer is right to be bringing up these concerns, and the more China mistreats Canada, the more they must be confronted on the issue of Fentanyl, and many other problems.

Fentanyl is killing thousands of Canadians every year, and it’s outrageous that it’s still happening.

Of course, China likely won’t take any action on their own, since they’ve signalled that they won’t do anything about it until Canada does China’s bidding, as noted in a Global News report from 2018:

“The situation has gone from bad to worse, after Canada recently turned down China’s request to insert a new police liaison officer in China’s Vancouver consulate.

“It’s a huge fight with China right now, and if you anger the Chinese they won’t work with you,” said a source, who could not be identified. “The fentanyl coming into Canada is going to get worse. Nothing will happen because we have to satisfy what they (the Chinese government) want.”

That means measures will have to be taken by the Canadian government.

Among those measures must be tighter inspection at Canada’s ports, more funding for law enforcement, and punitive tariffs on China if they fail to take clear action to stop the flow of Fentanyl.

Such an approach would be a huge contrast to Trudeau’s pathetic weakness. In fact, despite China’s inaction and likely worsening of the Fentanyl crisis, Trudeau failed to criticize the Communist State:

“China has been actually working with Canadian officials and Canadian law enforcement over the past months, to take measures on the flow of fentanyl into Canada.  There is, obviously as you say, more to do, we recognize that this is a crisis that is continuing in Canada and indeed getting worse,” said Trudeau.

That’s not what China is doing, but as we’ve seen from Trudeau he does nothing but bow down and give in to China – weak approach that only encourages more and more bullying and disrespect towards Canada.

So, Scheer’s tougher approach is a step in the right direction, and would finally show that Canada has a real backbone and willingness to stand up for ourselves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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David Kahn

Wow. A revenge of the opium wars!


Trudeau is terrified of offending the donors to his Family Trust Fund. He is weak and acts like a cowardly and arrogant bully.


I just read yesterday that Huewai is already starting to install their equipment in Canada ( I think on MSN). Remember Trudeau has taken mucho money for himself from the Chinese so they feel they own him just like the other elites, foreign and Canadian, that pay him on the side, so who owns the legal system and the RCMP or the military or a lot of the media? Trudeau and the bobble heads must be taken down and put out of Canada.

alan skelhorne

cicil war right around the corner, I would say.

old white guy

Too bad Canadians are so weak that they are killing themselves with drugs. I guess personal responsibility no longer exists. WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT? WE NEED MORE GOVERNMENT, ONLY THE GOVERNMENMT CAN STOP THE CARNAGE.

Brian Dougan

The Chinese are desperate for good land. As most people know; their country–in the main–is a disaster. Seriously overcrowded/polluted/dirty water/food shortages. All they need to do is initiate a military takeover. Walk in, and claim ownership. Canada will roll over. This country has no means by which to defend itself. That day may come, and the Chinese will invade the USA–for the same reasons. Wide open spaces, clean water, and arable land. (Compared to their country.) That, and a visceral hatred of the West. Particularly North America. It can’t happen? Don’t be too sure.


Scheer is right again. But he will have to rebuild military, Federal Police Force and Border Security before we can stem the tide. Also needs to ban Huawei 5G, the Chinese espionage tool.

Trevor Marr

The Left have been a HUGE Failure for Canada! Andrew gets my vote!

Trevor Marr

Canada must defund Justin Trudeau! There needs to be accountability.