VIDEO: How’s Justin Trudeau’s Lawsuit Against Andrew Scheer Going?

It’s been over two months. Why hasn’t Trudeau followed through on his threat?

Over two months ago, Justin Trudeau and the PMO threatened to sue Andrew Scheer.

They said that Scheer had made unacceptable accusations about Justin Trudeau relating to the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

The threat was meant to stop Scheer from claiming that Trudeau had tried to interfere with the justice system and the potential (now real) prosecution of the well-connected company.

Yet, after the Liberals issued the threat, Andrew Scheer didn’t back down.

Instead, he doubled-down, and repeated the same accusations the PMO was threatening to sue him for.

He repeated the accusations in Question Period, and outside of the House of Commons, where he doesn’t have legal immunity.

Yet, despite Scheer’s repeated repetition of the same claims the Liberals said were slanderous, there has been no lawsuit.

In Question Period, Andrew Scheer pointed out how Trudeau is still “all talk.”

“It’s been 61 days since Justin Trudeau threatened to sue me. He’s all talk. He still refuses to testify under oath for his role in his SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal cover-up.”

Trudeau’s response, as you can expect, was pathetic.

He brought up all the usual lines, blaming Harper, fake news, misinformation, populism, blah blah blah. He tried to claim that Scheer had been “put on notice.”

But if Scheer had been “put on notice,” why is he still repeating all the same claims?

Why hasn’t the lawsuit been filed?

The reality is that Trudeau tried to scare and intimidate Scheer into silence on the SNC-Lavalin scandal, and failed miserably.

Because Trudeau has no good answers for the terrible actions of his government, all he can do is try and scare people. And those who refuse to be scared, and who continue to stand against the Trudeau government, are what Trudeau fears most.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

Turdeau the most corrupt PM in history ,why doesnt he tell the public while under oath that he had nothing to do with the SNC Scandal or that The Saudis have him as their own little puppet


By now we pretty well all realize that Justin’s threat was the same as his ‘promises’ for ‘transparency,’ among other things he has stated — EMPTY — and is in fact, a perfect reflection of his persona.


If the Lieberals, because they are no longer liberals, want to play that game pretending to be tough when they still are really not ready, again, The Conservatives have many things that are true, that they should counter charge the Lieberals with, like the actual lies against Andrew Scheer. Just recently the racist, un-Canadian immigration minister, right before the centrist and much more honest Andrew Scheer’s immigration speech, calling Conservatives racists and anti immigration. These divisive silly games at Canadians expense that the radical left (and right) LIEberals falsely threaten.

alan skelhorne

but Trudeau just got tougher, he has Gerry dias in his corner.


We all know Trudeau won’t actually sue Scheer because Trudeau knows if he did so he would be required to testify under oath in a court of law which will NEVER happen. Just like Justin’s promise of an open and transparent government, it never happened. Electoral reform never happened and the list goes on of things that will never happen.