Elites Attack Scheer For Mentioning God In Speech Denouncing Racism

In seeking to demonize Conservatives, the elites endlessly shift the goalposts.

Andrew Scheer has never shown any indication of being prejudiced.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the elites from relentlessly accusing him and other Canadian Conservatives of being ‘racist,’ all without any shred of evidence to back up those claims.

And as we’ve seen over and over again, even when Conservatives do exactly what the elites claim is necessary, the elites simply shift the goalposts and launch a new line of attack.

It’s never enough.

That can be seen in the response to Andrew Scheer’s recent speech, in which he expressed his support for legal immigration (while calling for tougher measures against illegal border crossings), and clearly denounced racism:

“We are all children of God and there is equal and infinite value in all of us.”

After making those remarks, Scheer started to get attacked including by Political Science Professor at the University of Waterloo:

Others joined in the attack on the comments:




Others pushed back on the elites attacking Scheer:

Scheer echoes message of those who fought against slavery

This criticism of Scheer from many elitist-minded people is unfounded.

First of all, Scheer isn’t telling anyone what to believe, he’s stating his belief.

And second, Scheer’s thinking echoes the message of those who fought against slavery and racism.

A key part of the message of anti-slavery campaigners like William Wilberforce was that every human being was created in the image of God, and thus enslaving people and calling whole groups of people ‘less than human’ or ‘less deserving of rights’ was blasphemous and an affront to God. That message was instrumental in ending slavery in much of the Western World, and formed the backbone of the creation of human rights law.

Here are some of Wilberforce’s quotes where he speaks of his campaign against the slave trade:

“God Almighty has set before me two great objects: the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners…”

“When we think of eternity, and of the future consequences of all human conduct, what is there in this life that should make any man contradict the dictates of his conscience, the principles of justice, the laws of religion, and of God? Sir, the nature and all the circumstances of this trade are now laid open to us; we can no longer plead ignorance, we can not evade it; it is now an object placed before us, we can not pass it; we may spurn it, we may kick it out of our way, but we can not turn aside so as to avoid seeing it; for it is bro directly before our eyes that this House must decide, and must justify to all the world, and to their own consciences, the rectitude of the grounds and principles of their decision.”

So, Scheer is in good company in citing his personal belief in God as a strong denunciation of racism and prejudice, and he should be praised for his comments, not attacked for them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Dave Allsopp

He has the right to his religious beliefs, as per the charter of rights and freedoms which Trudeau once referred to as “tricks”!
Who would most people want as a leeder?
A guy who believes the charter is protection of people’s rights or a guy who calls thse rights “tricks”!

Shawn Brake

Well I guess GOD help us, and well just God God God God lol is offensive hahaha oh well is my GOD given right to believe in and practice whatever religion I choose to

Terrie M Reekie

The hatred and intolerance tweeted by many “enlightened” people in response on twitter has my faith in humans wavering.

David Henley

The one thing that god gave us was free choice. What we believe and haw we behave is up to us. Having no faith in god will send the evil that is our door and entering is what you get. Evil will never stop tempting you. I am not a religious person but i do believe in god. I don’t go to church as this has been corrupted by man. But we either stand together and battle this evil that has come to our country or we will be enslaved by it.


Another thing Canada needs to rid is this so Called Political Correctness! It is highly UN Canadian! Canadians have a right to say and have our own beliefs with out being harassed and with out this dictatorship.

Clive Edwards

Scheer is not appealing to base tribalism by his statement. As a Buddhist, I hold Scheer’s statement to be self-evident.

David Henley

This country was founded on the principles of GOD. Those that wish GOD be gone, should leave this country. They are the darkness of evil and will claim this land and country as their own. Thousands have given their blood for the principles and values that built this country. This is true evil and needs to be sent back into hell. There is no pleasing this type of person and the attacks on christians continues to raise within this country. Trudeau will get his war and no election will happen. The media fans this and is clearly on the side… Read more »

Joe Fast

I think the comments which were negative are a bit much. If it was not due to this belief most of world would still be in the dark ages.
Whether you believe or not being so hostile makes you wonder why.
Anything that promotes love and thou shall not kill has to be a good thing.
It does not matter if true it is the guide it provides as to how one should live that is important.


You lost all credibility in the first paragraph when you used the trite and much-overused word “elites.” I have no idea who you’re talking about.