Here’s Why Canada Should Focus Our National Defence On Building A Strong Air Force & Specializing In Hypersonic Missiles

These are two areas where our limited financial resources could be put to the most positive impact in securing our nation.

As almost everyone in Canada knows, our armed forces are severely underfunded.

And while more investment is needed across the board, Canada has great potential to focus our national defence on two core areas:

Building a strong air force.

Specializing in hypersonic missiles.

Canada has a large landmass and a small population. That means it is simply not economically feasible for us to build a large ground force to defend our full territory.

That leaves either building a large air force, or building a large navy.

But as I’ll get to in the discussion of hypersonic missiles, modern navy’s will become increasingly vulnerable to hypersonic missiles.

That leaves the air force.

If Canada focused on investing in the best pilot training system in the world, buying and developing advanced fighter jets, and building made-in Canada military drones, we could be a world leader when it comes to having an effective air force. Focusing on a strong air force would give us the ability to defend the Canadian landmass and our ocean territory, without needing a huge amount of personnel.

When it comes to hypersonic missiles, they are weapons that go 5 times faster than the speed of sound and are increasingly being researched and developed by countries like China and Russia.

Below is a 6 minute video that gives a good primer on hypersonic weapons:

Hypersonic weapons cost far less than building a gigantic navy, while also rendering the navies of potential aggressors (such as China), vulnerable.

If Canada had a wide array of hypersonic weapons, we could deter potential adversaries from – for example – encroaching on our northern territory. Consider the cost-benefit-analysis here: A naval fleet that collectively costs billions of dollars could be wiped out by a few hypersonic missiles that collectively cost hundreds of millions.

Focusing on hypersonic missiles would also include a focus on defending against missile attacks. This is something we should work on closely with our ally the United States. As part of NORAD, Canada should invest in advanced missile defences, and place missile defences on our territory, helping to build a North American missile shield that is second to none. We should also consider including Mexico in that effort, to ensure that we not only have a free trade zone in North America but also an ironclad defence zone.

Focusing on an advanced air force and on hypersonic missiles & missile defences provides Canada with the opportunity to direct our defence funding in the most realistic and impactful direction.

We have a relatively small population, but we are a highly educated and technologically advanced nation.

We have a lot of land to defend, and we have a history of advanced aerospace development.

All of that adds up to Canada having the potential for a highly advanced air force, becoming a world leader in hypersonic missiles, and joining with the United States and potentially Mexico in building the world’s strongest missile defence network.

This is where Canada should focus the majority of our national defence spending, and it’s time our country has a serious conversation about ensuring we are defended from the threats of the future.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Not going to happen.
They have not listened to the last twenty years.
What has changed?
Only gotten worse in not listening but only their own political agenda.

Our bodies were not designed for extreme velocities and extreme crushing weight…
Hence, automation and drones can do much more.

Russia realizes that satellites monitor the planet surface and are not well at all underwater…
So now switching to underwater defenses and technology.

Lorne Newell

When one nation attacks another it is usually because the attacker wants something the other has and it is not necessarily tangible. Air elements can only destroy tangible elements. Your hypothesis is short sighted. You have to think of the end game.

Lorne Newell

Further to the above, and effective Armed Force does not necessarily have to be large. It can be small but lethal. Our present army is the latter but it lacks the tools needed to be effective.

Clive Edwards

A properly trained citizen militia and a “secret service” for overseas work would do the trick nicely. I suspect the real purpose of “gun control” is to prevent that ever becoming a reality. And the Canadian Forces? Misguided youth, sacrificed to corporate wars. The last time Canada ever needed defending it was against the Americans – twice. The War of 1812 and the Fenian Raids after the U.S. civil war. Were we threatened in WW1, WW2, Korea, the Middle East? Only someone who has been drinking lots of Kool-Aid would think so.


That is what Canada should do, as the USA wanted to do, but we stupidly refused. I would much rather join with the USA than most other countries – and the USA has already been protecting us, and we hardly ever hear about it, but thankfully we have a great neighbor, but we need to step up and do more here at home and be able to join in with the US if they ever needed help. But we need a real Canadian government to get this good idea accomplished. Terrifying but we have no protection, and it is getting… Read more »


Northern military bases are critical. China or Russia or almost any country could set up bases and we would hardly know.